Smash Splash lets you release your inner Hulk and basically destroy everything

Melbourne, Play / 10 October 2019

Probably one of the most satisfying experiences ever.

Just found out your ex has moved on? Missed out on your favourite band’s tickets? Boss making you work Christmas? Say goodbye to the old ways of de-stressing (ice cream, Netflix, meditation) and say hello to a more creative, more physical way of releasing your inner worries. 

Enter Smash Splash, a warehouse dedicated to making sure you leave feeling completely relaxed. When planning a visit, you can choose between a smash room and a splash room. The smash room is by far the most popular experience, allowing you to throw glassware, swing cricket bats, and sledgehammer TV’s into non existence. There are a range of ‘weapons’ and breakables (glass bottles, plates and Iphones just to name a few) to choose from, and full safety gear provided so you can unleash your fury without worrying about injuries. 

If you’re looking for something more artsy to represent your feelings, the Splash Room is like your very own paint party and the first of its kind in Melbourne. The walls are designed to be squeaky clean white so you can bring out your inner Picasso. Paint the walls red, green and blue by hurling or batting paint balloons, throw cups of paints across the wall or simply just use your hands if you want to. The freedom of artistic expression is in your hands, and you can even invite your friends (up to 3 people) so you can create a masterpiece together. The best bit? You’re wearing protective gear of course, and you don’t need to clean up a single drop of paint after you’re done.  

Smash Splash also caters for events up to 40 people, with four large smash rooms to enjoy and spacious event space for catering and relaxing after all the fun. The experience is perfect for groups and can work out to be an awesome surprise birthday or work party no one ever forgets.

To book your next smash or splash, visit their website here.