An Intimate Journey Through Rare Beef Breeds at Rockpool

Events, Melbourne, Restaurants, Sydney / 22 May 2023
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An Intimate Journey Through Rare Beef Breeds at Rockpool

Events, Melbourne, Restaurants, Sydney / 22 May 2023

Rockpool Bar & Grill, renowned for its stellar culinary events, is once again preparing to serve up a series of intimate dinners that promise a unique exploration through the world of rare beef breeds.

Given the resounding success of the events last year, guests should prepare for a culinary adventure that rivals the best of Wagyu. This gastronomic journey, taking place on 29th June and 27th July, isn’t just your typical dinner. It’s an exclusive invitation to experience a range of unique breeds that have been specially sourced and are supplied only to Rockpool Bar & Grill within Australia. The exclusive events are planned for Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

The spotlight will be on distinctive breeds that owe their existence to the careful stewardship of Victorian farmers, David Blackmore and his son Ben. Subject to availability, attendees will get the chance to taste:

  • Rhone: A breed shrouded in mystery, its genetic makeup a closely guarded secret. Marbled like Wagyu, Rhone offers a similar tenderness but with a cleaner, less intense flavour.
  • Mishima: A slice of history on a plate, Mishima is the original cattle breed from Japan, predating even Wagyu. This breed comes from a small island off Japan’s South coast and is as rare as it is delicious.
  • Rubia Gallega: An import from the Galician region of north-western Spain, this breed is marbled and offers a unique, earthy flavour profile.

Rockpool chefs will expertly grill the unique cuts from these breeds, demonstrating their craft and the supreme quality of the beef. And it’s not just about the dining; it’s a learning journey too. Chefs will guide the guests through this exceptional showcase, offering insights into the unique cuts, the rich flavours, and the distinct textures.

A sumptuous three-course meal will be served, the star of which is a tasting plate featuring five different steak cuts. Paired with matched wines and kicked off with a cocktail on arrival, this promises to be a meal to remember.

Culinary Director, Corey Costelloe, expressed immense pride in Rockpool’s exclusive access to such exquisite beef breeds. He praised the Blackmore family, lauding them as pioneers of animal husbandry and highlighting their invaluable contribution to Australia’s beef farming industry.

To steak connoisseurs and food adventurers alike, this event isn’t merely a meal – it’s an intimate journey through the fascinating world of rare beef breeds. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this world-class culinary experience.

Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney, by the way, currently ranks 8th in the World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants and stands proud as the best steak restaurant in the Asia Pacific.

Reservations for the dinners can be made at Rockpool Bar & Grill Rare Beef Breed Dinners.