Lona Misa Fires Up The Josper Grill for a Latin Feast

Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 18 May 2023

Prepare your taste buds for a fiery rendezvous as Melbourne’s beloved plant-based eatery, Lona Misa, introduces a vibrant Latin-infused menu, masterfully crafted to delight this winter season.

The much-adored venue takes its dynamic culinary innovation to a new level, with an exclusive section dedicated to dishes conjured over the flames of a Josper Grill.

The magic behind this delectable transformation is none other than hospitality powerhouse Shannon Martinez (the creative genius behind Smith & Daughters) and Head Chef Pamella Tomio. Their collaboration represents a meeting of minds, where tradition intertwines with innovation, featuring a robust selection that ranges from exquisite small plates and snacks to hearty larger dishes.

“We take pride in being one of the few plant-based venues harnessing the unique flavours delivered by the Josper Grill,” Martinez elaborates. The grill’s intensity and char add a whole new layer of depth to their vegetables, creating an intriguing smoky allure that’s often missed in plant-based cuisine. With the Tacu Tacu, a grilled eggplant and queso fresco dish that uses coconut-based cheese, poised to become a firm favourite, Martinez promises a menu that celebrates hearty, richly-flavoured vegetables.

The new menu shines with standouts such as the Barbacoa Tostadas, which feature braised ‘lamb’ alongside a fermented pineapple and poblano salsa. The Cocido, a richly braised ‘beef’ served with roasted artichokes and a tangy cauliflower puree, is another must-try, while the Sopa Seca on the Josper Grill introduces a novel ‘dry soup’ concept with fermented sour cream and an assortment of roasted seasonal vegetables.

Tomio brings a piece of her Brazilian heritage to the menu, adding a touch of sweetness to each dish. She takes particular pride in the Pastel, a Brazilian-inspired dessert which showcases a crispy doughnut filled with vegan cheese, topped off with a unique plant-based ‘horchata ice cream.’

Committed to environmental sustainability, Lona Misa has adopted the ORCA – a state-of-the-art food waste solution that can digest up to a tonne of food waste daily, emulating the natural digestion process.