Northsiders Guide to Festive Feasting With Preston Market

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 19 December 2023
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Northsiders Guide to Festive Feasting With Preston Market

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 19 December 2023

Preston Market is a bustling hub teeming with fresh, seasonal offerings and expert advice for your holiday feast. This community cornerstone transforms into a haven for festive preparations for a heartwarming experience.

Eat: Relish in Seasonal Delights

Dominic Mollica from MnM Fruit anticipates a bountiful array of festive fruits. He encourages an early visit to choose the finest cherries, stone fruit, and Victorian grapes. Storing cherries in a dry, plastic bag in the fridge is key, and seeking a greengrocer’s guidance will help you select the best variety. Meanwhile, the market’s butchers stock an impressive selection of free-range poultry, offering a taste of tradition and quality for your festive table.

Drink: Seafood Wisdom Unveiled

Seafood aficionados will appreciate John Hatzidakis of O Psaras Seafood’s insight. He advises purchasing prawns now and freezing them to avoid later price surges. For the best flavour, defrost them in the fridge under a damp cloth and serve without washing, as this preserves their natural taste.

Play: A Festive Wonderland Awaits

Preston Market isn’t just about shopping; it’s a festive wonderland. Mark your calendars for free Santa photos on December 17th and the unique Segway Santa on the 20th and 21st. Extended trading hours until Christmas Eve make the market a convenient and joyful destination for all your holiday needs.

Perfect Turkey Tips from Betty Vekiarellis

Betty Vekiarellis, a poultry expert, stresses the importance of ordering your turkey early. She shares her tried-and-tested cooking method, emphasizing preparation and basting. Her approach ensures the turkey, once rested, becomes a succulent centerpiece that unites friends and family.

Preston Market offers more than just ingredients for a meal; it’s a place where expert advice, quality produce, and holiday spirit merge. Whether planning a traditional dinner or a seafood spread, the market’s traders guarantee a delightful and hassle-free festive feast. Follow their guidance to create a table brimming with flavours and joy, reflecting Melbourne’s vibrant food culture.