Eat, Drink, and Play at The Continental Sorrento This Festive Season

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 18 December 2023

As the festive season unfolds, The Continental Sorrento beckons with a promise of unforgettable experiences.

This iconic destination is a jewel in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. The Continental Hotel has a plethora of events to ignite your ‘Eat, Drink, Play’ senses. In a setting that marries historic charm with contemporary luxury. From indulgent brunches on the Sunset Terrace to spirited Christmas Eve celebrations at Barlow. Every moment here is crafted for delight and discovery.


EAT: Gourmet Encounters at Audrey’s

Begin your gastronomic adventure at Audrey’s with the exclusive Winemaker Lunch Series. This culinary event showcases Australian winemaking paired with a bespoke menu by Head Chef Nick Deligiannis. Each month, a different top winemaker presents their finest creations, providing a unique opportunity to explore a rich palette of flavours. The Continental Sorrento, famed for its culinary finesse, ensures each meal is an exploration of taste and tradition.

DRINK: Festive Cheers at Barlow

Embrace the holiday spirit at Barlow, The Continental Sorrento’s elegant speakeasy bar. On the Eve of Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve, the bar transforms into a festive haven. For just $40, guests can enjoy a night of fine drinks, including a complimentary gingerbread mojito upon arrival, against a backdrop of live entertainment. Secure your spot for Christmas Eve, Eve at Barlow and the Christmas Eve celebration to experience the magic of the season in a setting of intimate elegance.

PLAY: Vibrant Celebrations at The Continental

The Continental Sorrento is not just a dining and drinking destination; it’s a playground of festive joy. The Conti Beach Club on the Sunset Terrace offers an escape to a beach haven where Patron cocktails and live tropical beats set the scene for a stunning sunset experience. And for a blissful start to 2024, the New Year’s Day Bottomless Brunch on the Sunset Terrace offers an all-inclusive brunch with live music, perfect for those who wish to continue the celebration.

The Continental Sorrento this summer is a symphony of experiences. So whether you are indulging the menu at Audrey’s, toasting to the festive season at Barlow, or revelling in the vibrant atmosphere of the Conti Beach Club, there’s something to satisfy every desire. This historic yet modern escape offers a festive delight of spirited celebrations and moments of pure joy. Visit The Continental Sorrento to book your experience and make this summer a season of splendid memories.