Sydney’s NOMAD is opening in Melbourne

Eat, Melbourne / 10 January 2020

Coming to Flinders Lane in June 2020

Sydney’s ever so popular Mediterranean inspired restaurant, NOMAD, is expanding their territory, finding a new permanent home in the heart of Melbourne. Taking residence at 189 Flinders Lane, the restaurant will be surrounded by other well-known eateries such as EZARD and Kisumé.

Once a narrow retail area, the new NOMAD space has been transformed completely into an elegant and moody 150 seater bar and restaurant, complete with a concealed entry away from the public eye. NOMAD Melbourne will set out to forge its own look and style, but the signature philosophy of co-owners Al and Rebecca Yazbek will remain – exceptionally local and small-producer wine and produce.

Jacqui Challinor, currently head chef of Sydney’s NOMAD, will move into the position of executive chef across the two restaurants. But don’t expect to see Sydney’s menu on offer in Melbourne. In fact, the new venue will be made up of new dishes to allow Melbourne’s NOMAD to build its own brand (the house made bread and signature wood-fired oven will stay though!). 

“2019 has been a big year, to say the least,” says Rebecca. “We’ve been on the lookout for a space in Melbourne for over two years now and have always had our hearts set on opening something around Flinders Lane. We could never have anticipated the fire in Sydney and our big move Up The Road but we are finally back on track to bring NOMAD to Melbourne, breathe new life into Sydney and enter an exciting new phase for us and the entire NOMAD family.”

“Having always lived in Sydney, I’m really looking forward to getting down to Melbourne and meeting and working with new suppliers and sourcing new products,” says chef Challinor. “Having strong relationships with local suppliers has always been a core part of what we do at NOMAD so my aim is to get down there and engage with all the Victorian producers to help inspire the Melbourne menu.”

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