Cherry Blossom Season at Box Hill Central

Eat, Events, Melbourne / 7 May 2019
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Cherry Blossom Season at Box Hill Central

Eat, Events, Melbourne / 7 May 2019

Warm up at Box Hill Central, where Cherry Blossom season is in full bloom!

While cool Autumn days will soon start fading into cold Winter nights in Melbourne, in Japan, Spring’s Cherry Blossom season is still blooming… er, booming! Choosing to say goodbye to gloom and hello to the bloom, Box Hill Central is embracing all things Japanese this May with a stunning pop-up floral display, and some of Melbourne’s best Japanese dining!

Since the township was first established, Box Hill been one of Melbourne’s most multicultural suburbs, and has an amazingly rich history and cultural diversity due to it’s popularity with migrant communities, particularly Asian migrants. Initially a popular spot for Chinese migrants to make their new Australian home, Box Hill is now home to Melbourne’s largest Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese communities. At the heart of the suburb, Box Hill Central has always embraced this melting pot of cultures, and has long been a pioneer in Asian cuisine and culture in Melbourne.

One of the benefits of being a town made up of people from all different countries, religions, and cultures, is that there’s always a celebration going on! Ringing in the Year of the Pig, Box Hill’s Chinese New Year celebrations were a huge success, bringing together people from all over Melbourne to celebrate Chinese culture and our shared hopes for the year ahead. Now, with Cherry Blossom Season drawing visitors from all over the globe to Japan, Box Hill Central is bringing a little bit of Spring into cold Melbourne and celebrating all things Japanese!

Sake Sakura KitKats at Box Hill Central

Simultaneously eccentrically modern and steeped in tradition, the popularity of Japanese cuisine has exploded in Australia over the last decade and, for many, has become the ultimate comfort food. Rich, flavoursome brothy ramens and creamy Hokkaido cheese tarts can fill a hungry tummy and heal a broken heart. And KitKats – in every flavour you can imagine (and some you can’t!) – are sampled by enthusiasts like a fine wine, noting flavour profiles and mouthfeel.

Whether you want a quick bite on the go, or a luxurious seated dining experience, Japanese cuisine has it all – and you can find it all at Box Hill Central.

And this Cherry Blossom Season, Box Hill Central has created an unforgettable pop-up floral display in the heart of the food court. The gorgeous domed tunnel-arch made with cherry blossoms and fairy lights is a twinkling Kawaii dream that is uber Instagrammable. Located just as you exit the train station into the dining area, the arch has fast become one of the centre’s most talked about features.

Once you visit the arch, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the dining area, with all of those favourite Japanese retailers right there – so start tasting! Sushi Jiro is always popular for their delicious ramens and udon, as well as their fresh sushi and sashimi that flies out the door. With a menu crafted by Japanese sushi masters, Sushi Jiro is far from your usual Japanese take away joints.

Sushi at Box Hill Central

If you love Japanese flavours, but want something a little less traditional, hit up Samurai Rice Burgers for burgers made with a bun of sushi rice. With Unagi, Korokke, and Ebi Tempura burgers – as well as good ol’ beef patty – Samurai Burger is everything you love about Japanese and Western cuisines smashed together in delicious, filling fashion.

If you’ve still got room for dessert – and there’s always room for dessert – head across to Pafu for flakey, layers of pastry goodness with an indulgent apple and cream filling, or tryout one of Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart’s perfectly creamy and warm tarts fresh from the oven. If you’re on the run, drop into Merry Seasons and you can stock up on all of your favourite Japanese sweets from KitKats to Pocky and plenty more.

Hokkaido Cheese Tarts at Box Hill Central

Head down to Box Hill Central this May and get a taste of the richness of Japanese culture and cuisine, and pick up some delicious treats while you’re there.