The Clam: Chef David Moyle brings 1960s Bohemia and Laid-back Vibes to Lorne

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 19 December 2023

In the heart of Lorne, a coastal gem is reborn as The Clam, where Chef David Moyle, renowned for his unique approach to Australian dining, makes a significant return. This new seaside tavern is not just a dining destination; it’s a tribute to the town’s spirited 60s bohemia, artfully combining the past’s allure with the simplicity of a beach shack.


For Moyle, The Clam is a personal journey, retracing his culinary footsteps back to Victoria’s Surf Coast. Having carved his niche in the New South Wales dining scene, Moyle’s new venture in Lorne reflects a deep connection to local seafood and the produce he champions. Drawing inspiration from his childhood in Port Fairy, The Clam emerges as a cherished dream, transforming teenage aspirations into a vibrant reality.


Here, the beverage experience is as integral as the food. Moyle’s collaborator, George Barnes, known for his work in iconic Sydney venues, brings a creative twist. With a curated wine program by Blackhearts & Sparrows, The Clam offers a refreshing coastal beverage experience. It’s a place where casual drinks effortlessly evolve into memorable evenings.


The Clam stands out as a unique blend of dining and culture. Aligning with the revitalized Lorne Theatre, Moyle’s vision extends beyond the kitchen. This collaboration creates a hub where food, art, and entertainment coalesce. Expect a lively atmosphere that celebrates culinary artistry, music, and creativity.

The Clam by David Moyle

Launching with a pop-up bar in January, The Clam sets the stage for a year filled with diverse culinary and cultural events. The initial phase, featuring delicacies from Shandong Mama, previews the eclectic experiences to follow. Situated at 82 – 84 Mountjoy Parade, The Clam is more than a tavern. It’s a testament to Lorne’s vibrant history and a beacon for those seeking an authentic blend of nostalgia and innovation. Follow @TheClamLorne for the latest updates on this captivating new destination.