Aoi Tsuki, South Yarra

Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 11 August 2023

Aoi Tsuki has transformed from its humble beginnings of serving sushi boxes into a refined omakase restaurant.

Nestled in South Yarra, Aoi Tsuki brings an enchanting omakase dining experience to life, capturing the essence of Japanese culinary artistry. “Omakase,” meaning “I leave it up to you,” embodies the trust placed in the chef to craft a unique menu. With each dining experience distinct, Aoi Tsuki promises a culinary adventure shaped by the chef’s creativity.

Picture yourself at the cosy 12-seater omakase bar, where you’re not just a diner, but also a privileged spectator. Positioned front and center, you witness the chef’s mastery unfold before your eyes. “Aoi Tsuki,” translating to “blue moon” in Japanese, hints at the rarity of this experience, something to be savoured on special occasions.

There are two talented Korean chefs at the helm, Jun Pak and Tei Gim, with collective experience at renowned establishments such as Nobu, Kisume, and Shoya. During two nightly seatings, the spotlight shines on their meticulously curated 20-course omakase menu. The cosy ambiance fosters connections with fellow diners, enhancing the shared anticipation of each culinary masterpiece.

Seafood takes the spotlight, presenting delicacies like sea urchin, King George whiting, and Bluefin tuna, each meticulously prepared. Following the essence of Japanese cuisine, the dishes showcase remarkable refinement and artistic finesse.

Aoi Tsuki’s journey has been one of dedication and anticipation, evolving from serving sushi boxes during lockdown to blossoming into a luxurious omakase haven. For three years, the vision of offering a high-end omakase experience has been nurtured and they’re so excited to be able to bring Melbourne something truly unique.

Open Wednesday – Sunday nights with a set omakase menu of $235 per head. Find out more here.