Omakase at Your Table Arrives at This Japanese Fine-Diner in the City

Eat, Melbourne / 12 December 2023

Located on Flinders Lane, Akaiito introduces ‘Omakase at Your Table’.

This Japanese fine dining spot transforms the traditional omakase experience. The chefs step out from the kitchen to engage directly with diners. They present exquisite dishes at the table, offering a personal touch. This innovative approach reshapes the omakase tradition, enhancing the diner-chef connection.

Omakase at Your Table

EAT: Culinary Mastery Up Close

Akaiito’s ‘A Theatre of Taste’. Head Chef Winston Zhang masterminds two exquisite menus: the five-course ‘Aka’ and the seven-course ‘Kojin’. These menus blend Japanese culinary art with Australian ingredients. With a limit of 30 diners per night, each course becomes a showcase of storytelling and flavour. This interactive dining mirrors Japan’s revered ‘kaiseki’, turning meals into an experience.

DRINK: A Journey in Every Sip

‘Savour Elegance at Akaiito’. The restaurant’s drink pairings are as refined as the food. Sommelier Grant Van Every and Manager Christine Chen handpick wines and sakes. Each pairing enhances the dishes’ flavours, reflecting a global trend in thoughtful drink selection. This attention to detail elevates the overall dining narrative.

PLAY: The Art of After-Dinner

‘Indulge in Akaiito’s Lounge’. The journey extends beyond the dining table. Guests move to the lounge for petit fours and digestifs. This after-dinner experience aligns with modern fine dining trends. It offers a complete sensory journey, from the first bite to the last sip.

Omakase at Your Table

Akaiito’s ‘Omakase at Your Table’ redefines dining in Melbourne’s eclectic food scene. It’s more than a meal; it’s an immersive journey through Japanese culinary artistry. Every element, from cuisine to ambience, is crafted with intention. It’s a must-visit for those seeking an engaging dining experience.

Omakase at Your Table

Omakase at Your Table