Meet the new booking platform bringing Australia’s top chefs to your door

Cool Sh*t, Eat / 29 November 2019
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Meet the new booking platform bringing Australia’s top chefs to your door

Cool Sh*t, Eat / 29 November 2019

Take the stress out of entertaining with Intertain, the new platform ready to create bespoke dining experiences at home.

Hosting your mates for dinner sounds simple enough, in theory. All it takes is a quick trip to the grocery store and throwing a few snags on the BBQ, right? In reality, hosting a dinner party involves juggling dietary requirements, slaving away at the stove and forgetting to pick up essential ingredients to make your dream dishes come to life.

But before you get ready to book in at your favourite restaurant, we’ve got a better idea. Meet Intertain, the new online booking platform connecting Australia’s top chefs with eager diners across the country. The platform is designed to make booking a private chef easier than ever before, with an easy to use marketplace of excellent chefs and booking system.

For Intertain CEO and Co-Founder, James Loganathan, the platform was developed to make bringing people together around great food experiences effortless. “As our lifestyles become busier eating by ourselves on the couch is an increasingly common picture, but there’s still magic in the dining table, and we’re trying to help people rediscover it with the help of some fantastic Australian Chefs,” Loganathan explains.

Private dining is not a new concept, but we are working to make it accessible outside of the world of the rich and famous in addition to giving capable Chefs a platform to build their brand and showcase their reputation,” tells Loganathan. 

The process of creating your perfect dinner has never been easier. Simply explore the vast array of menus curated by Intertain’s vetted chefs in your area (or let one of the platform’s concierge team help you find the perfect solution for your needs). Next, select your dates and book in, with your selected chef on-hand to source, prep and cook a bespoke menu using only the freshest ingredients in your own home.

Intertain is all about taking the stress out of entertaining at home. With a wide variety of chefs and cuisines on offer via the platform, Aussie diners are sure to find just the menu to tickle their fancy. Since launching, the platform has served over 4,000 guests and plated more than 12,200 courses, and is set to busier than ever with the holiday entertaining season fast approaching.

For Intertain CEO and co-founder James Loganathan, the service is all about streamlining the booking experience. “Our chefs have created a menu at almost any price point. From grazing platters to curated degustations, canapes to cassoulets, sushi to sizzling wagyu, Intertain brings a world of fine dining to the intimacy of your own home, so that hosts can enjoy the company of their guests, instead of a clean-up in the kitchen,” James explains.

To find out more about Intertain and to book your own private chef for your next dinner party, click here.