Meet the first Aussie company sending living Christmas trees through the post

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Sydney / 15 November 2019

Nab the first eco-friendly Christmas trees to be sent and delivered straight to your mailbox.

There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly cut pine tree. We’ll forgive the weeks of pine needle mess in exchange for filling out homes with that iconic festive woody scent. But let’s face it, driving out of town to cut and collect your very own living Christmas tree can be a bit of a hassle. That is until you discover this innovative new delivery service.

Meet Floraly, the sustainable online florist helping to reduce waste and foster eco-friendly shopping habits. This festive season, this Australian company has launched an epic new product designed to help beat waste and prevent Aussies from opting for artificial Christmas trees.

Meet Floraly’s eco-friendly tiny Christmas trees. For just $69 you can score your very own real festive tree in a box, complete with decorations and a pop-up pot. Each tree stands just 60cm tall and are designed to be packed flat and can be delivered Australia-wide. In each box, you’ll find everything you need to make your festive tree come to life including soil, fairy lights, baubles and a tree topper.

Floraly Christmas Tree 2019

The best bit? All trees are locally sourced from farms in Victoria and NSW, making them a sustainable festive purchase. Plus, these trees come with their root system intact so they can be replanted at the end of the season.

The launch of this product comes off the back of Floraly’s commitment to reducing the issue of wastage in the floristry industry. Since launching 2019 the company has pioneered waste-saving practices such as sourcing flowers only after a customer has ordered, leading to a reduction in floral wastage by 90%. Plus, the team at Floraly are committed to creating a greener future by offsetting all their carbon emissions as well as donating 1% of all revenue directly to the Wilderness Society.

Ready to order your eco-friendly Christmas tree? Get in quick and place your order before November 24th to score $10 off your order using the code EDPTREE at checkout. To find out more, click here.