Heart Tree Installation

Film & Art, Play / 27 January 2015

Affectors, S1T2, Ben Romalis and Amigo & Amigo have launched a giant installation in the middle of Bondi Junction. The Adobe Heart Tree installation is an engaging and interactive display in store until March 2015. The unique sculpture is made from a 100 year old Poplar Tree that fell down 12 years ago in the Southern Highlands.

Using cutting edge sensor technology, Affectors enable each individual to give the tree new life. By placing your hand at the base of the tree, sensors capture each person’s individual BPM and creates a special light and music display based on their heartbeat.

Composer, Ben Romalis created a matrix of unique compositions that would be triggered by the varying range of heartbeats per minute. The video below captures the magic that was experienced when the Heart Tree first launched in Central Park in 2014.

Chris Panzetta, managing director, S1T2: “It’s about seeing your heart in the art. Amazing pieces always bear the artists soul, which is what Adobe’s tools empower creatives to do. So we wanted to create an artwork that literally shows the creative heart.”