The Unwanted Animal Kitchen

Eat / 21 January 2015



Petite Mort Fur is an ethical fashion company that produces fur garments made out of roadkill. Yep, roadkill. But before you start getting gross images of flat-as-a-tack rodents check out these gloves made from beaver fur and creamy alpaca wool from a family run North Brook Alpaca Farm in Berlin. Ooh fancy.


So now we’ve opened your mind to guilt-free fur coats how about food made from unwanted animals or pests?

Global food wastage is constantly increasing with almost half of the food produced being thrown away. This has encouraged companies to find more interesting ways of saving food from being consigned to the rubbish bin. This includes cooking pests.

The Unwanted Animal Kitchen is a Dutch food truck that is serving dishes that are made only from animals that are thought of as nuisances. Their menu offers dishes including The Pigeon Plate and croquettes made from geese. These animals were killed either as part of pest control or for security reasons and then used to make edible food instead of being wasted. It’s kind of like eating Kangaroo burgers in Australia.

We’re all for ending food wastage but the minute someone tries to sell us a rat steak, we’re out of here.

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