Ficks: The Cocktail Fortifier that Prevents Hangovers

Cool Sh*t, Play / 22 July 2015

Ficks is revolutionising the way we get drunk. Their cocktail fortifier is designed to be added to your average mixed drink or cocktail and assists in preventing that oh so familiar feeling of being hungover. These fortifiers are full of nutrients that assist in speedy next day recovery and maintaining high energy levels.

Their six main ingredients are all natural and include Milk Thistle to protect your liver, Vitamin B Complex to replenish vitamins, Electrolytes for rehydration, Ginger Root to sooth your stomach, Dandelion Extract for detoxification and Aminos to help metabolise the alcohol. Ficks comes in three different flavours, ginger, lime and lemon and each bottle contains 16 serves.

Perfect for the social professional, these fortifiers might just be your ticket to a happy Monday morning.

Visit the Ficks website.