How To Host The Perfect High Tea Party At Home

Competitions, Drink / 17 July 2015

Why go out when you can stay in and host your own incredible High Tea party?

High tea parties are a great excuse to eat some delicious treats and spend time with friends over a good cup of tea. Hosting a high tea event at home can be really fun and easy. Here are some helpful tips on how to host the perfect high tea party.

Plan Ahead

First things first, you have to decide who is coming to your fabulous event. Also where will you have it? The kitchen, dining room, or maybe even outside if you’ve got a nice garden.

Send your invitations out at least 3-4 weeks in advance so your guests have plenty of time to plan. Have fun with your invitations and make them in the theme of your high tea.

This cute invitation idea is from We love it!
Great invitation idea for a Mad Hatters themed party available on Etsy


Planning a theme is probably the hardest task since there are so many options and it can be a bit overwhelming.  Here are some of our favourite themes:


Pot Luck

This theme is super easy and helps take the pressure off you to prepare everything. Ask your friends to each bring a dish. You can assign sweet or savoury or just let it all be a potluck surprise when everyone arrives!

Amazing whimsical shot from Ruffled Blog

Mad Hatters Tea

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and create a whimsical twist on high tea. Use mismatched tea sets and lots of colourful flowers. Make your guests wear funny hats and give everyone a different teapot to pour out of.


Twisted High Tea

This one will definitely get the party started. Spike your tea with some premium spirits and make high tea cocktails. They’re really popular at the moment and there’s plenty of cocktail recipes online using tea.

Very cool set up from Madelief

Garden Party

Set your high tea party in your backyard and fill your table with flowers and other natural elements. Make your friends wear their brightest or most floral outfit.


The first choice is obviously tea- Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Green Tea. But for those warmer days why not try an ice tea? Make some Dilmah Rose and French Vanilla tea serve it with ice, chopped strawberries and some mint. It will look great and taste good too. If you’re up for a tipsy tea party add a shot of Tanqueray No. 10 gin! Or if it’s cold outside and you’re hosting a high tea by the fireplace try Dilmah’s Mint and Honey tea with a shot of whisky.

For food ideas try Gluten-Free Scones, French Almond Macaroons or Cappuccino Cupcakes.

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