Jameson and Young Henrys Reveal limited Edition Craic & Barrel

Drink, Events / 26 October 2016

Craic & Barrel is a dream come true for lovers of beer and Irish Whisky.

A smooth young Irish lass visits Sydney and falls in love with a bearded, tattoo covered man from Newtown. They make a love child and call in Craic & Barrel. It’s the romantic tale of the new collaboration between Jameson and Sydney brewers Young Henrys.

Jameson Irish Whiskey has joined forces with Young Henrys to create Young Henrys Craic & Barrel, a limited edition Irish Red Ale aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey casks. This match made in heaven is blissful news to both lovers of bold brews and quality spirits.

The creation of Craic & Barrel follows an extended courting period between these brands since they first met in 2015. As Oscar explains, Jameson is usually the reason he and the team feel dusty after a big night out. They’re big fans of of the Irish Whiskey and this was a natural fit with both brands having an appreciation of all things hops and grain.

The initiative itself inspired by an innovative partnership first conceived back in Ireland called Jameson Caskmates.

This one-of-a-kind whiskey was created in partnership with local Irish craft brewery Franciscan Well Brewery. The smooth finish of Jameson Caskmates, which is finished in craft stout beer barrels, makes it the perfect companion for a Young Henrys cold brew.

To create the ultimate beer to match with Jameson Caskmates, seasoned Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels were shipped from Ireland to Newtown, filled with an Irish Red Ale and left to marinate in the malty flavours. The result is Craic & Barrel.

You can choose to drink Jameson Caskmates or Craic & Barrel on it’s own. But I think the best way to have these drinks is as a boilermaker.

Craic & Barrel creators Young Henrys and Jameson
Jameson Head Cooper Ger Buckley and Young Henrys Co-Founder Oscar McMahon

Jameson Head Cooper Ger Buckley, along with Young Henrys Co-Founder Oscar McMahon will officially launch the new brew to beer and whiskey lovers at Sydney Craft Beer Week event, Crackin’ Barrels on Saturday 29th October. We were lucky enough to try this brew yesterday and can tell you it’s a winner.

With only 1,500 bottles produced, Young Henrys Craic & Barrel Irish Red Ale will be available from Young Henrys brewery in Newtown from Wednesday 26th October. A small number of select venues in the Inner West area of Sydney will also sell the beer plus you can buy it at Crackin’ Barrels event during Sydney Craft Beer Week.

Sydney Craft Beer Week – Crackin’ Barrels event with Jameson and Young Henrys

Join Jameson Head Cooper Ger Buckley and Young Henrys founder Oscar McMahon to launch Young Henrys Craic & Barrel.

Date: Saturday 29th October
Time: 1pm
Location: Young Henrys Brewery, 76 Wilford Street, Newtown, New South Wales, 2042.