The Seventh Duchess Tea

Drink / 1 October 2014

The Seventh Duchess of Bedford and confidant of Queen Victoria, Anna Russell, created the ritual experience of drinking tea. A socialite of the highest inner circles, she created what is colloquially known as afternoon tea, through important encounters and through the gatherings of friends. It was in the early 19th century that she would share with her guests, teas sourced from the far east and impart on them her knowledge of blends, origins, and techniques of brewing. This inspired The Seventh Duchess tea range and the beautiful tea box packaging which is representative of a Duchess.


Organic, artificial-free ingredients are used in their teas and offer a luxurious experience for any indulgent tea lover.Different fragrance candles and different tea ware designs can only be found in their range, as well as their very own organic coconut sugar. They have a variety of teas ranging from black, green, herbal, oolong and white and a range of different flavours  which have been carefully processed using centuries of old artisanal techniques.


Blended and produced in Australia, The Seventh Duchess have also released their new ‘Daydreamer’ range. This will have an intricate mix of blends to represent different beach holidays such as Barbados, Bora Bora and Bondi. These will include a mix of summer flavours such as mango and black tea; coconut and vanilla with black tea; and a blend of green tea and Tahitian lime. The Seventh Duchess also sell other collections including Ivory Coast drinking chocolate, classic tea, tisane tea and more.


The Daydreamer is a contemporary range of luxury loose leaf teas that are best served chilled with summer fruits and fresh juice. You can have a look at recipes on their blog on how to use their tea range to make a variety of different tea cocktails and how to use their coconut sugar.