A Michelin Star Chef Is Headed To Sydney’s Pink Hued Restaurant, ZAFFI

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 8 August 2023

Globally acclaimed chef Greg Malouf will spend two nights at Zaffi plating up an exceptional Lebanese dining experience.

Zaffi, renowned for putting up delicious Lebanese cuisine in a fun setting, is set to host a two-night collaborative dinner with Greg Malouf, often referred to as the ‘Godfather of Lebanese Cuisine.’ These extraordinary events are scheduled for September 13th and 14th, held within Zaffi’s iconic pink-hued bunker venue.

Greg Malouf’s international acclaim stems from his prowess in blending traditional Middle Eastern flavours with contemporary culinary techniques. For this collaboration, he will partner with Zaffi’s very own Chef Graeme Hunt, promising a dining experience like no other. Plus, Zaffi’s interiors will have a spring upgrade, featuring stunning floral installations by Montana Flora.

The menu will be heavily influenced by Lebanese culture and Greg Malouf’s illustrious culinary background. Malouf himself shares his excitement, saying, “I am delighted to team up with Zaffi and bring back some of my cherished Middle-Eastern dishes, along with novel flavors. This will undoubtedly be an event etched in memory.”

Guests can anticipate a 12-course culinary odyssey featuring an array of delectable hot and cold mezze. From Jar Jeir Salad, a composition of watercress, purslane, Adelaide tomatoes, and homemade walnut shankleesh cheese, to the enticing Turkish Eggplant Delight complemented by chili brik wafers – each dish is an artistic masterpiece. The dessert offerings, including Hand of Fatima, a tantalising chocolate and date cake with saffron ice cream, and the vibrant Hibiscus Pavlova with whipped labneh, blood oranges, blackberries, and pine nut praline, promise to be nothing short of divine.

Reservations for the Greg Malouf x Zaffi collaboration dinners are now open, priced at just $149 per person and an additional $50 per person for the wine pairing.

We recommend booking early for this exclusive event. Find out more here.