Zafferano Trattoria Mediterranea Brings A Slice Of Casual Sicilian Sophistication To Paddington

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 5 September 2022

Originally launching early last year as a café, Zafferano’s popularity insisted they expand their simple, carefully considered menu into the evening. 

Relaunching onto South Dowling Street with an all-new Sicilian-inspired trattoria offering, Zafferano joins the likes of Civico 47 – the restaurant newcomer filling impossibly large boots at the ex-Lucio’s site, and fun, flavourful wine bar experience 10 William Street in the line-up of Sydney’s best Italian restaurants all located within the leafy streets of Paddington.

South Dowling Street has no shortage of brunch and lunch options, from South Dowling Sandwiches to Bootsdarling and the Organic Bread Bar, but beyond 4pm, opportunities for lingering aperitif turned delicious evening feed are few and far between. Enter, Zafferano.

The love child of Sicilian-born, Chef Simone Crivello, and his partner, Isobel Galloway Zafferno was born from a shared love of food, connection, passion & wine. Their warmth is poured into every inch of the venue, and together they have brought a true piece of Sicily to the heart of Paddington. 

Signature dishes include; Sfincione, a fluffy Sicilian pizza; Saute Misto, market-fresh mixed seafood sautéed in fresh tomato, garlic, chilli and parsley; and Risotto Marinara a classical, flavour-filled dish featuring muscles, clams, cuttlefish, prawns and crab in a light tomato sauce. The same Risotto Marinara has been on the menu at  Chef Simone’s Palermo-based family restaurant since 1970, paying homage to the family’s fishing heritage.

Nods to Chef Simone’s family are scattered throughout the venue’s interior, with walls depicting scenes of Palermo, the family restaurant and fishing spots. In true Italian style, the venue has been meticulously designed by Bella’s Father, ex-fashion designer, Stephen Galloway. Galloway marries tradition with modernity to transport you to a beachside location in Zafferano without leaving Paddington.

Zafferano Trattoria Mediterranea in now open Wednesday to Friday 5pm – 10pm and Saturday & Sunday 12pm – 10pm. For more information and reservations, visit their website.