Yana Coogee Is Set To Bring Fire-Kissed Dining To The Seaside

Eat, Sydney / 20 December 2023
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Coogee Pavilion Rooftop

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 17 December 2014

Sun-kissed seafood, smoky whispers, and laughter under the Coogee sky, our calenders await for Yana’s open-flame fiesta.

Coogee Beach has a new siren song, and its melody whispers of smoky whispers and sun-kissed bites. Yana, a soon-to-be haven for fire-touched feasts and warm hospitality, beckons from the heart of the promenade, inviting you to trade sidewalk strolls for open-flame adventures.

Forget fancy tablecloths and hushed whispers. Yana is a celebration of coastal cool, where laughter mingles with the sizzle of charcoal and the clinking of ice against salty air. It’s a place where Chef Sam Lane, a maestro of smoke and flavour, orchestrates a symphony of local bounty, each dish a love letter to the land and sea.

Yana Coogee Barramundi On Fire Grill

The menu boasts char-kissed octopus, its tentacles embracing a vibrant tomato caponata and a seductive nduja butter. There are also plump scallops basking in kombu butter, their delicate sweetness singing against the whisper of the ocean. And then there’s the s’more, reimagined for grown-up palates, where dried raspberries and strawberry gum dance with sea salt on a toasted canvas.

Beyond the delightful entrees, Humpty Doo barramundi sashays in on a cloak of native herbs, altitude chicken struts its stuff, and t-bone steaks and scotch fillets wear their oregano verde coats with swagger. Every plate is a canvas for fire’s artistry, showcasing the undeniable beauty of nature’s finest ingredients.

Yana Coogee Hendricks Gin & Tonic

And to chase it all down? Yana’s cocktail crew has concocted libations worthy of a beachside reverie. Sip on the Yana Spritz, a sun-kissed blend of Prosecco and passionfruit, or let the Tropical Tommy’s whisk you away with its jolt of jalapeno and pineapple. But our heart belongs to the Oyster Martini, a beach-ready twist on the classic, where briny oysters lend their essence to a crisp, ocean-infused spirit.

Yana is toes in the sand, firelight dancing in your eyes, and the laughter of good company carried on the salty breeze. It’s the feeling of a stolen sunset, stretched out over plates brimming with fire-kissed goodness. So, ditch the beach towel and grab your appetite.

See you there, fireside and fabulous.