Would You Spend $150 For This Luxe Wagyu Katsu Sandwich?

Sydney / 14 October 2020

Could this be Sydney’s most expensive sandwich?

When it comes to reliable lunch options, the humble sandwich is a safe bet. It’s cheap, tasty, and available at almost every cafe across the city. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick lunchbreak feed or a no-frills weekend brunch option, a sambo never fails. But when it comes to this latest carby creation, you’ll need to prepare your stomach (and your bank account).

The crew from Darlinghurst’s Sandoitchi cafe has just launched a brand new katsu menu, complete with quite possibly Sydney’s most expensive sandwich. Get ready for the Kobe Wagyu Katsu sandwich, a mouth-watering combination of top-notch A5 Kobe Wagyu beef and thick, layered with tonkatsu mayo and mustard and slices of Japanese milk bread. As you’d guess, this isn’t your average sandwich. It’s filled with the highest grade wagyu to deliver a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth taste with every bite.

This incredible sandwich is a collaboration between Sandoitchi’s Owner and Chef Pureephat “Bhass” Kraikangwan (Long Chim) and local Japanese Wagyu Master, Kimio Osawa (from Strathfield’s Osawa Enterprises). Make sure to swing by on payday: this epic sandwich will set you back between $100 to $200 for around 200g of wagyu goodness. In fact, the kind of wagyu will typically set you back over $400 per kilo, making this one of the most indulgent sandwiches in the city.

The catch? You’ll have to pre-order ahead of visiting the cafe. To do so, slide into Sandoitchi’s Instagram DMs to place your order. Get in quick, these OTT sandwiches are only around for the month of October (unless the team decides to extend beyond the end of the month).

To find out more about Sandoitchi cafe and to browse their full menu, click here