The Tiny Giant, Petersham

Sydney / 19 October 2016

The Tiny Giant is meeting big expectations in Petersham.

Instagram is a funny thing. One minute you’re a humble cafe going about your business. The next you’re an Instagram sensation with people tagging and re-sharing your fairy floss topped brioche toast with seasonal fruit and you’ve got lines snaking out the door on the weekends. As a result, we had high expectations about The Tiny Giant in Petersham. We felt as though we already knew their menu inside and out, with every possible Instagram filter, purely from scrolling our news feed. But was it really that good in reality?
Tiny Giant front counter display
In short, yes.
We chose to avoid the weekend rush and dine on a quiet Tuesday morning. The first thing we noticed was how small the cafe was. Despite its giant reputation The Tiny Giant is in fact, fairly tiny. White walls and art deco ceilings open the space and make it feel less cramped. While a sea of greenery with terracotta pots and hanging ferns adds a splash of colour to the cafe.
Tiny Giant Cafe front counter
Tiny Giant Sandwiches
Fresh sandwiches ($9.90-$12.90) fill the cabinet on the front counter tempting you as you walk in. Think salami and ricotta with provolone cheese, grilled chicken with onion chutney and gruyère cheese. House made brownies, muffins and gluten free cakes are the perfect accompaniment to a takeaway coffee. The locals agree, including the entire local fire department who rolled in when we were there much to our enjoyment.
Tiny Giant house made cakes
Tiny Giant coffee
We took a seat and ordered our coffees while we had a look over the menu. We instantly recognise the brioche toast and Belgium waffles($17.50) from the hundreds of Instagram pictures. Served with mixed berries, Canadian maple syrup and salted caramel it’s an indulgent breakfast. The brioche toast itself was fluffy, buttery and the persian pashamak on top was a sweet little treat. We also ordered some smoothies; the Mixed Berry and the Green Detox which, although simple, went well with the strong flavours in the food.
Tiny Giant brioche toast
Next up we tried another Instagram favourite on The Tiny Giant menu. The smashed peas on sourdough toast with prosciutto ($18.90) and burrata cheese. The creaminess of the burrata with the prosciutto is a great combination and the parmesan crisps on top, add the perfect amount of crunch to the dish.
To end we had the Croque Madam ($17.50). New on the menu, and recommended by our waitress, the Croque Madam was our favourite dish of the morning. A French style sandwich of ham and cheese topped with a fried egg, The Tiny Giant has put their own spin on it by infusing the egg with truffle for 72 hours. As the dish came out the smell of truffle filled the room and intensified as we cut thorough the yolk.
Tiny Giant Croque Madam
After a solid break, we made some room for cronuts. We had the white chocolate and pistachio, and the Nutella Oreo. We particularly loved the Nutella infused syringe, and creme patisserie filling and the cronut itself was soft, creamy and chocolatey.
Tiny Giant cronuts
It’s easy to see why there is so much hype around The Tiny Giant. From the friendly and helpful service, to the relaxing decor and delicious (not to mention fun and visually stimulating) food it ticks all the right boxes. Now excuse us, we’ve got some Instagramming to do.
The Tiny Giant
110 Audley St, Petersham NSW 2049
Open Mon – Fri 6.30am – 3pm, Sat – Sun 7.30am – 3pm