The World’s First FREE Online Film Festival Is Happening On YouTube This May

Events, Festivals, Film & Art, Sydney / 29 April 2020

Film festivals and cinemas might be off the cards, but this FREE online film event is helping to connect film lovers across the globe.

Like so many events across the globe, film festivals have been postponed and canceled for the foreseeable future. For film buffs, online streaming has proved the only way to get our cinema fix (albeit, on the small screen). But in an effort to unite film lovers and festival goers across the globe, a new digital event has been created to showcase the best of international cinema.

That’s where ‘We Are One’ comes in. This 10-day online film festival (produced and organised by Tribeca Enterprises) features films from over 20 festivals, including Berlin International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and even our very own Sydney Film Festival. From May 29th, the digital program kicks off with an epic line-up of flicks, giving filmmakers a platform to share their stories with the world.

We Are One: A Global Film Festival will be hosted exclusively on YouTube, with the entire program of films free to access, including features, short films, documentaries, music, comedy, conversations and more. Although the specifics of the program are yet to be announced (expected to be revealed closer to the start of the festival), this digital event offers a unite opportunity for film lovers to come together and take a peek into different cultures from around the world.

During these unprecedented times, many film festivals have had to pause their in-person events (many for the first time in the festival’s history). Although a digital festival might not offer the same sense of immediacy as a traditional festival, it bridges the gap between film communities across the globe in a time when we are all seeking new opportunities for social connection.

We Are One: A Global Film Festival kicks off from May 29th 2020, with the full program to be announced in late May. To find out more, click here.