The Rook, Sydney

Bar Tag, Bars, Drink, Sydney / 19 February 2013

Have you been to The Rook?

There’s just something in us that loves a secret – we all want to be ‘in the know’. And should you stumble upon Keystone Group‘s new venue The Rook you won’t be able to hide your delight in finding the cleverest little space these guys have come up with to date.
They’re not really trying to hide, but to access The Rook you’ll first need to find the virtually un-marked entrance from York Street. Press level ‘R’ once in the elevator and be taken up to the rooftop floor where delicious food and potent potables await.
The dining concept is inspired by London’s successful Burger Lobster which you don’t have to be Sherlock to deduce has a menu focusing on burgers and lobster. There’s a trio of choices in both categories, a few sides and dessert. It’s blessedly simple – the only trouble is deciding on whether you’re going to go for the surf or the turf. Well we recommend both – share a lobster for an entree (we’ll vouch for the garlic butter version) and follow-up with a burger. Hand-cut fries do come with everything, but should you really need filling up the oh-so-crunchy onion rings are worth a punt. Just make sure you save some room for the boozy ‘Spiked Fruit’ dessert.
Of course you don’t need to be peckish to visit The Rook – they have a fine bar lined with small batch liquor sourced from far and wide. Even the bar manager, Cristiano Beretta has been taken from south of the border having spent the best part of a decade steadying the ship at The Black Pearl. The cocktail list is kept on a blackboard menu and changes regularly with a focus on seasonal fruity numbers like The Mandrake. If you are after something a little more serious though Beretta is building a fine bar team of more than capable tenders who are more than capable of whipping you up a classic cocktail from their laden back bar.
The secret is already out – The Rook is well worth a gander.
The Rook, Sydney
Rooftop, 56-58 York Street, Sydney
02 9262 2505
Hours: Lunch Wednesday to Friday, Dinner weeknights from 4pm, Saturday from 6pm