Sink A Beer & Relive The Glory Days At The Magpie Enmore

Drink, Sydney / 2 July 2024
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Sink A Beer & Relive The Glory Days At The Magpie Enmore

Drink, Sydney / 2 July 2024

Forget the craft beer craze, The Magpie Enmore celebrates the classics with a dash of 80s flair and a whole lot of community spirit.

Enmore Road has a new local hangout brimming with nostalgia. The Magpie, a pint-sized sports bar with a big personality, takes patrons on a trip down memory lane, celebrating the classic Aussie pub experience with a touch of 1980s flair. Think standard-issue navy carpets juxtaposed with crisp white walls, all bathed in a welcoming glow. Sports memorabilia adorns the walls while signed photos of sporting legends keep watch over patrons as they catch the game or simply enjoy a drink with friends.

The Magpie Enmore Making Drinks

The name itself is a playful nod to Aussie culture, a cheeky reference to our national birds. It’s also a subtle tribute to the Western Suburbs Magpies, a local rugby league team and a symbol of community spirit.
This community spirit is precisely what The Magpie aims to foster. With only around 30 seats, it’s designed to be a friendly, intimate space where regulars can gather for a beer and a chat. Whether you’re cheering on your favourite team, reminiscing about classic films playing on the TVs (think pre-streaming service days!), or simply unwinding after a long week, The Magpie offers a relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

The Magpie Enmore Signage

The team behind The Magpie is no stranger to the Sydney bar scene. Pasan Wijesena and Russell Martin, the masterminds behind Earl’s Juke Joint and Jacoby’s Tiki Bar, bring their expertise to create a space that’s both familiar and exciting.

The drinks selection reflects this philosophy. You won’t find fancy cocktails here, but you will find a well-curated selection of local beers on tap, alongside a classic Guinness for those seeking a taste of Ireland. The wine list offers a surprising twist – while there are standard pub options, you might also find a Chablis by the glass, a nod to the team’s desire to keep things interesting.

The Magpie Enmore Guinness

Food isn’t served at The Magpie, but fret not – a friendly chicken shop is just a few doors down, and patrons are welcome to bring their takeaway in. Plans for pub trivia nights and meat raffles are also in the works, solidifying The Magpie’s place as a true local haunt.

So, whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or simply seeking a warm welcome and a relaxed atmosphere, The Magpie offers a winning combination for anyone seeking a laid-back pub experience in the heart of Enmore.