The Federal Annandale Will Transform With Two New Dining Offers: Fabbrica & Maybe Frank

Eat, Sydney / 19 September 2023

Annandale welcomes the arrival of Fabbrica and Maybe Frank, set to become integral components of the revamped pub experience at The Federal, formerly known as the Empire Hotel.

The Empire, a beloved establishment in Annandale with a rich history, is about to undergo a transformation courtesy of the hospitality group PUBLIC (recent works including Oxford House and The Strand Hotel). The venue will emerge as a vibrant drink and dining destination, restoring its original name, The Federal, when it opens its doors next month. This revitalised neighborhood gem will feature two familiar culinary offerings: Fabbrica Pasta Bar and Maybe Frank, in addition to a sports bar and boutique accommodation.

Fabbrica Pasta Bar will showcase its signature pasta bar menu, featuring celebrated dishes like the famed Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe and paying homage to traditional Italian pasta shapes and sauces. The menu will also feature Italian twists on pub classics, including Cotoletta alla Milanese, Bistecca with salsa verde, and Osso Bucco. The thoughtfully curated wine list will highlight minimal intervention winemakers from Italy and Australia, focusing on native Italian varieties. The sunlit front room with pendant lighting, Bentwood chairs, and a striking blue mural gracing one wall will provide seating for up to 80 guests.

On the other side of The Federal, Maybe Frank will delight as a pizzeria offering antipasti and Italian wood-fired pizzas, accompanied by a playful collection of cocktails designed by Paolo Maffietti of Maybe Sammy fame. Seating for 66 will be spread between an indoor dining room and a covered terrace, complete with large tables for family and group dining.

Staying the night? The boutique accommodation will strike a balance between raw and refined elements. Reclaimed timber floors, exposed brickwork, and cement surfaces blend seamlessly with soft curtains, distressed rugs, and brass fixtures, creating a modern yet nostalgic ambiance that pays homage to the building’s heritage.

The venue’s historical journey is intriguing. Initially slated to be named the Federal Hotel, it opened its doors in 1891 as Rofe’s Family Hotel, later transforming into the Empire Hotel in 1902. In 2023, PUBLIC is weaving elements of this rich history by renaming it The Federal.

Stay tuned for the opening date of The Federal!