Experience the Art Of Italian Pasta Making at Semola Marrickville

Cool Sh*t, Drink, Play, Restaurants, Sydney / 19 September 2023

Allow Chef Nello to teach you the art of pasta making with 1.5 hours of free-flowing Aperol and Limoncello Spritz, and a shared-style lunch experience.

In the heart of Marrickville, Semola offers a delightful taste of Italy that transports you to the bustling streets of Napoli. Co-founded by Chef Aniello Bortone and co-owner Reth Hok, who have seamlessly collaborated for over a decade, Semola embodies the essence of authentic Italian cuisine.

Nello, as Chef Aniello Bortone is affectionately known, hails from the charming town of Aversa, nestled next to Napoli. His culinary journey began in his family’s kitchen, where he observed the time-honored traditions of crafting Neapolitan dishes. It was here that his deep-rooted love for food first took hold.

At Semola, they take immense pride in preserving these cherished traditions. Every strand of pasta is lovingly crafted by hand, utilising only the finest ingredients sourced directly from Italy. This dedication to authenticity sets the stage for an incredible Italian feast.

But Semola is not just about savouring delectable dishes; it’s also about sharing the knowledge and artistry of Italian pasta-making with enthusiasts. Enter their renowned pasta classes, which have recently gained tremendous popularity on TikTok.

What sets Semola’s pasta classes apart? Firstly, the classes are held in a charming and intimate setting, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The star of the show is, of course, Chef Nello himself, a true Neapolitan with a wealth of pasta-making expertise.

Participants embark on a hands-on journey into the world of traditional Italian pasta making, all under the careful guidance of Chef Nello. You’ll learn step by step how to create a selection of Semola’s signature handcrafted pastas while immersing yourself in the lively ambiance of the class.

What adds a delightful twist to these classes is the inclusion of bottomless Aperol or Limoncello Spritz. As you knead, roll, and shape your pasta, you can sip on these refreshing beverages and groove to tunes throughout the afternoon.

After the pasta-making session, it’s time to bring out your appetite. The class concludes with a family-style Italian feast where you get to savour some of Semola’s favourite pasta dishes. And, of course, no Italian meal is complete without a generous serving of tiramisu to cap off the experience.

Semola’s pasta classes are held every Saturday of the month, with a maximum of 16 guests for private events and the usual class size limited to 10 participants. The classes last for 1.5 hours and cost $175 per person, which includes take-home recipe cards and pasta, bottomless Aperol and Limoncello Spritz for the duration of the lesson, and the delightful family-style shared lunch.

If you’re ready to master the art of Italian pasta making while indulging in endless Spritz and delectable Italian cuisine, Semola Marrickville is the place to be. Find out more here.