The Caterpillar Club Is The Latest Instalment To Sydney’s Late-Night Scene

Drink, Sydney / 15 December 2023

From the group that brought you Hubert, Alberto’s and Frankie’s Pizza (R.I.P.) comes the next foray into late-night debauchery.

Hold onto your hats, Sydney, because a new creature has emerged from the ashes of Frankie’s Pizza in a new location on Pitt Street– and it’s got more than just a groovy name. The Caterpillar Club, courtesy of the Swillhouse crew (those mischievous maestros behind Le Foote and Shady Pines), is a late-night wonderland ready to spin your senses into overdrive.

Man standing in front of new Swillhouse venue, The Caterpillar Club.

Forget your drab dive bars – this is a subterranean symphony of crimson velvet, Parisian cafe tables, and a killer soundtrack spun from over 10,000 vinyl records. Think Miles Davis meets Marvin Gaye, with a dash of disco ball for good measure. DJs will keep the vibes flowing until the live music kicks in, be it jazzy fusion or funk that’ll have your feet begging for freedom.

And the drinks? Oh, the glorious libations! Classic cocktails like Negronis and Pina Coladas clink alongside zombie concoctions on tap (because who wants a party without a little undead fun?). For the thirsty soul seeking a tropical escape, there’s The Bamboo Room, a hidden tiki bar whispering sweet nothings of fruity delights.

But The Caterpillar Club isn’t just about the liquid delights. Head Chef Isobel Little knows how to tickle even the most jaded taste buds. Dry-aged beef burgers, tuna melts, and spinach and cheese hand pies are just a glimpse into the culinary adventure that awaits. And let’s not forget the crab and avocado cocktail – a decadent ode to Frankie’s legacy with a modern twist.

Speaking of legacy, familiar faces from Frankie’s days are scattered throughout the velvet-draped depths of the club. It’s a reunion of sorts, a nod to the past while embracing a bougier, slinkier future. This is where the degenerate crew gets a classy glow-up, a place where the late-night owls and music enthusiasts can revel in the city’s vibrant spirit until the early hours.

So, Sydney, come on down the rabbit hole. Let The Caterpillar Club whisk you away to a world where the music is intoxicating, the drinks are dangerous (in the best way), and the night stretches before you like a velvet runway.