The Ternary, Novotel Sydney

Bars, Drink, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 31 October 2016

The Ternary at the Novotel in Darling Harbour has received an upgrade.

The Novotel is a landmark hotel that has lit up Darling Harbour for years. They have recently refurbished their restaurant and bar, The Ternary. The name originates from ‘ternanius’, not a Harry Potter spell, but a Latin term meaning ‘consisting of three things’. The Grill Kitchen, Asian Kitchen and Wine Bar are all located in a large open plan space, welcoming an essence of casual sophistication. A string-line of local produce, contemporary Asian and other cultural influences intertwine perfectly in this harmonious environment. Evident in not only their food, but also their open floor plan that unites all guests, in the heart of Sydney.
Being seated beside the big open windows facing the harbour, our comfy chairs and sparkling views left us eager for the night ahead. Upon arrival we were brought a fluffy-yet-crispy combination naan bread with a yoghurt and chutney dip ($5.50). This was the perfect starter that teased our hunger without overfilling us before we even began.
Due to obvious necessities, a follow-up cocktail complimented each of our dishes. We were first served the Flower Power cocktail. Generously filled with Smirnoff vodka, Chambord liqueur, lychees, lemon, sugar, orange blossom and topped with flower petals and a strawberry rose. Overlooking the harbour, sipping on one of these was a very Cosmopolitan experience!
To soak up the vodka and prepare us for another, we experienced the pulled peppered beef in a crispy pastry ($18.50). The pulled pork practically melted in the mouth, which went very well with its crispy pastry outer layer. There was a mild peppery zest on the initial bite, which was tamed by the slightly oiled pastry crisp. The chestnut sauce that decorated the plate added a soothing, flavoursome spark to the dish. This dish was a clear attempt to merge two cultural favourites, and we think it was pulled off quite well!
Our next surprise in the cocktail intermission was the ‘Raspberry and Rose Fizz’. Raspberry infused Gordon’s gin, with Aperol, lemon, rose syrup, and a dash of soda, topped with a raspberry skewer was a spectacular merge of all sorts of flavours.
The teriyaki salmon with seaweed salad and sesame dust ($16) was a clear favourite. The seared salmon simply melted as it was pulled apart. When topped with fresh seaweed and the bursting flavour of the teriyaki sauce, we couldn’t get enough!
Our final course of the night was the grilled Cajun prawns, toasted corn and pecorino ($27). The prawns were grilled to perfection, full of flavour with the meat melted off the shell. The toasted corn and grilled prawn provided a smoky flavour, with a cheesy pecorino and zesty lemon finish.
To complete our night, our favourite pick-me-up drink, the Espresso Martini! Made with Captain Morgan spiced rum, Kahlua, caramel syrup, fresh espresso and topped with a coating of cocoa powder. This Espresso Martini was one of the sweetest, least bitter and pure tasty cocktails we’ve had. A perfect way to finish off a perfect dining experience!
The Ternary is definitely one to watch. The staff went above and beyond to tend to everyone’s needs and encourage a friendly atmosphere. The modern, yet comfortable decor added to the ambience with a magical view. The food maintained this theme of cultural unity, as well as being high quality and extremely tasty! Great, overall vibes from this place!
The Ternary
Level 1, Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour, 100 Murray Street, Pyrmont, 02 9934 0000, Open Lunch and Tapas: 10.30am – 10.00pm, daily, Dinner Service: 6.00pm – 10.00pm, daily