Review: Tajima Yakiniku

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 4 May 2023
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Review: Tajima Yakiniku

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 4 May 2023

Gather your friends and fire up the grill at Sydney’s new Japanese BBQ restaurant.

Located in central Sydney, Tajima Yakiniku is a new high-end Japanese BBQ restaurant. It’s a fun and interactive ‘hands-on cooking’ and dining experience where you grill delicious meats at your table. Yakiniku means “grilled meat” in Japanese and is a style of barbecue where guests cook small pieces of meat (typically beef, pork, or chicken) on a grill at the centre of the table. 

Tajima Yakiniku also serves a range of hot and cold appetisers and an extensive selection of premium seafood. Ordering is done by scanning a QR code, however, the staff are on-hand to help advise on your selection.

Chopsticks ready, we ordered the Salmon Sashimi and Oysters Combo to start, along steamed Edamame and Radish Kimchi as our sides. On first bite, you notice the freshness and superior quality of the food. Pleasingly, the salmon was cut thick and we were provided with generous portions to share.

For our mains, we selected a side of Mixed Mushrooms and went with the Wagyu Platter (ideal for 2-3 people). There was a generous selection of Finger Steak, Oyster Blade, Short Rib, Lean Rib, Tri Tip, Premium Karubi, Thin Sliced Karubi, and Inside Skirt.

In a yakiniku experience, the quality of the meat is crucial. Tajima Yakiniku uses the highest quality meat, 9+ grade premium Wagyu beef. 9+ is considered ‘extraordinary amounts of marbling’ and the highest grade. The Wagyu Platter cuts were of perfect thickness and marbled, allowing for fast cooking and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. 

The Japanese approach emphasises the quality of the meat, using simple seasonings to enhance the natural flavour. For those who want even more flavour, Yakiniku is always served with a sauce consisting of soy, mirin, sake, Japanese citrus and a few of the chef’s secret ingredients. The signature dipping sauce helps enhance the overall flavour profile of the meat however don’t over-apply to let the produce shine.

Feeling adventurous we decided to try offal and ordered the Ox Tongue and Beef Liver. Whilst confident in cooking the Wagyu Platter, we were at a loss when it came to the offal. Luckily the ever-helpful staff were on-hand to assist. Cooking the first batch for us, with a running commentary explaining so we’d know what to do with the remaining pieces. Offal is an acquired taste however it’s very good for you (high in iron), oh so tender and full of flavour. If you’re keen to try it, Tajima Takiniku is the place to go.

The restaurant offers a range of beverage options including signature cocktails, classic Japanese beers, premium wines and unique sake blends. We opted for Miyako – Benjn Shozo Awaji – Shima, a pure-rice sake which was absolutely delicious with an earthy, mushroom flavour and hints of smoke.  Also highly recommend the Lychee Paradise, which is a very refreshing vodka-spritzer nightcap.

We did not squeeze in dessert, although tempted by the Yuzu Sorbet, Black Sesame Ice-cream served with Red Beach Mochi or the Green Tea Ice-cream with fresh berries.

The restaurant decor is simple but stylish, using soft lighting and emerald green tones to bring warmth and energy to the venue. 

Whilst high-end in food quality, the prices are reasonable, especially if you share as the restaurant intends. There’s comfortable table seating for 1-7 people. For 8 people or more, customers need to call and make a group booking. 

Communal dining at its best; Tajima Yakiniku allows for continuous conversation and is a wonderful memorable experience best enjoyed with others. Highly recommend.

Located at: 95 Bathurst St, Sydney NSW 2000

Open Monday to Sunday 5pm to 10pm

Visit for more information.