A Modern BBQ Izakaya Has Opened Its Doors In Barangaroo

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 21 May 2024
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A Modern BBQ Izakaya Has Opened Its Doors In Barangaroo

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 21 May 2024

Expect izakaya-style dining paired with funky 80s Japanese ‘City Pop’ tunes at Astro.

The vibrant streets of Barangaroo are buzzing again with the opening of Astro, a contemporary Asian BBQ restaurant inspired by Tokyo’s izakayas and Seoul’s barbecues. Taking up residence in the former SOOT site, Astro is the latest venue from Kolture Group, serving up a casual yet fun experience for both lunch and dinner.

Astro was Inspired by Astro Boy, a popular anime series that brought owner David Bae joy as a child. “I feel we are all so glued to the hustle…that we’ve forgotten how to balance work with fun,” says Bae. “I wanted to create a venue where you can unwind at lunch or after work eating incredible Izakaya style dishes, combining the communal atmosphere that Yakiniku or Korean BBQ brings, while knocking down some refreshing highballs and just having a damn good time.”

Astro Meat

The lunch menu centres around donburi bowls — quick and easy rice bowls that can be enjoyed during work or for a catch up with friends. Each bowl features an onsen tamago (soft-cooked egg) and a soy broth, with options including ‘Guytan’ (BBQ beef tongue with Japanese green onion sauce), miso salmon, gochujang pork, unagi, and a wagyu Tsukune don.

For dinner, share plates are encouraged, with an abundance of izakaya-inspired small plates, yakiniku BBQ meats, and a variety of rice and noodle dishes. Highlights from the menu include Sydney Rock Oysters with lime and white soy mignonette, Ora King Salmon with yuja wasabi and cucumber sobagi, grilled mochi with brown butter doenjang and La-yu chili oil, a truffle bulgogi sando, wagyu hanger steak claypot with garlic butter rice, and kingfish collar with yuzu pepper ponzu and mizuna. To finish off your meal, pick your favourite between two: jeju mandarin and plum sorbet with basil granita and honeydew or charcoal ice cream with chestnut makgeolli cream and truffle ice cream.

Astro Signage

Astro’s playful personality shines in the drink menu, where the signature cocktails include Shiso Sexy (vodka, coconut, pistachio, and shiso), Full Moon (gin, lychee, shichimi, and green tea) and Soju Wanna Drink (soju, toki whiskey, vanilla, and plum). There’s also a section dedicated to highballs, soju, sake and the usuals, as well as mocktails for the non-drinkers.

Astro is open Tuesday – Saturday for lunch and dinner. For more information, visit their website here.