Suntory BOSS Coffee Brings Rainbow Mountain Blend To Australia

Cool Sh*t, Events, Sydney / 8 November 2023

This new Suntory BOSS Coffee blend will transport you to Japan with no flight time. 

Suntory BOSS Coffee is answering the calls of its dedicated fans by introducing the highly sought-after Coffee Rainbow Mountain Blend to local markets. This Thursday, November 9th, the Japanese powerhouse is offering coffee fanatics the first taste of Japan’s second most beloved canned coffee brew, right by the stunning Sydney Harbour.

Crafted exclusively with beans from seven different unique growing regions in Guatemala, this new to-Australia brew is a signature blend iced latte with a full-bodied flavour profile.

Just like the other beverages in the range, the beans are roasted and brewed using Suntory BOSS Coffee’s flash-brew method, where the coffee is brewed hot to unlock flavours before being rapidly chilled to preserve them.

Caucasian hand holding can of Suntory BOSS Coffee Rainbow Mountain Blend.

Head of Marketing Energy and Transformation at Frucor Suntory – Oceania, Josh Wheeler, says the iconic brew is the true taste of Japan.

“With the introduction of Rainbow Mountain Blend into Australia, our customers can now experience more of the unique flavour, culture, and the unique taste behind Japanese canned coffee.”

To celebrate the release, Suntory BOSS Coffee is inviting enthusiasts and novices alike to join them at the Overseas Passenger Terminal Forecourt in Sydney on Thursday, November 9th, from 8 am to 6 pm for an exclusive pop-up event, where you’ll have the opportunity to be served by BOSS himself and savour the extraordinary flavours of the Rainbow Mountain Blend.