The Streets Wine Tasting Tour – Saturday 8th April

Play, Sydney / 27 March 2017

Hit Barangaroo and run the length of vineyards the world over with The Streets Wine Tasting Tours.

Have you ever imagined traipsing the globe, tasting cuisine paired with wine from the world over? Well, wine not? Sydney’s newest foreshore, The Streets of Barangaroo is bursting with talented local chefs and sommeliers. And this April, The Streets are taking you on a worldwide vino exploration with a series of wine tasting tours. On the 8th April 2017, two different groups will be hosted as part of The Streets Wine Tastings Tours. Are you new to wine tasting and your idea of fermentation is cask wine? The ‘Enthusiast Tour’ is yours for the barrelling. If your knowledge is more advanced the ‘Connoisseur Tour’ is your pick of the vine.
The Streets Food and Wine Tour
Each tour takes your tastes buds on a vivacious cross-country odyssey and includes twelve wine tastings and four small meals.
The Streets Food and Wine Tour
Enthusiast Tour
If wine in your house never lasts long enough to hit the cellar you’ve met your match. For $90 you will be taken to four of Barangaroo’s best new restaurants from 2.30-5pm. Anason will treat you to Turkish cuisine, while will share it’s Australian fresh food cuisine. Ever had Creole with your pinot? New bar and restaurant, NOLA, is inspired by the heart of New Orleans Louisiana. With over 300 years of history and many cultural influences, you’ll be getting a worldwide ticket within one house on The Streets block. From Africa, America, France, Spain and South America, this Louisiana Smokehouse Bar and Grill draws in flavours to have you stumble on down Bourbon Street. Last on this tour is Zushi, a lively and innovative Japanese restaurant,with a Izakaya (informal Japanese gastro pub) inspired menu.
 The Streets Food and Wine Tour
Connoisseur Tour
Connoisseurs, pass the prosecco! If you have, want, or need a wine cellar, this is your kind of event. Welcome to 5-star luxury. This tour will provide a more intimate setting for aficionados to ripen their knowledge of wine. For $150, you will engage with one of Sydney’s most knowledgeable sommeliers in a deep and full-bodied experience. Tastes of modern Australia will be on the tour at 12-Micron while Born by Tapavino will take your palettes all the way to El Born, Barcelona. For a more rural experience, the Connoisseur Tour will take you through Bel & Brio transporting you with their land to table philosophy. Lastly along the tour, you will clink glasses with Chinese flavours and Australian produce at The Streets Lotus.
The Streets Food and Wine Tour
What better way to start off your Saturday! After hours, put your newly found The Streets Food and Wine Tour knowledge to the test. The Streets of Barangaroo is all yours. For more information, head to The Streets Wine Tasting Tours here, or if you’ve heard everything you need to know, book your tour now.