Gyozas, Soju & Matcha Dreams! Your Guide To Steam Mill Lane

Drink, Eat, Guide, Sydney / 13 May 2024
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Gyozas, Soju & Matcha Dreams! Your Guide To Steam Mill Lane

Drink, Eat, Guide, Sydney / 13 May 2024

Who needs a map? Steam Mill Lane’s your guide to Asia’s best flavours!

Darling Square is surprisingly lesser known for a precinct located in such a prime location within Sydney’s CBD. However, don’t expect it to stay that way for long, with the newly developed area boasting some of Sydney’s most exciting new bars and restaurants. Upon arriving at the square, you are met with beautiful architecture and a hub of intimate laneways, filled with various restaurants offering mixed cuisines. One lane in particular, Steam Mill Lane, transports you to South East Asia, with a truly authentic dining and drinking experience.

Nakano Darling Steam Mill Lane Restaurant

Nakano Darling

Start (or end) your evening at Nakano Darling, a relaxed Japanese Izakaya that specialises in homemade Japanese comfort food and drinks. The interior of Nakano Darling is striking in its resemblance to streetside Tokyo restaurants, with warm, intimate lighting and inviting touches throughout the venue. Choose to sit on Sapporo beer cases or a traditional tatami mat, whilst surrounded by neon-branded beer signs. The authenticity also translates to the food and drinks themselves, with fruit wine, premium whiskeys, and even the Asahi imported from Japan (instead of the Australian-brewed variant). Pair your drink of choice with some savoury gyozas, the city’s best Karaage, or fried pork Udon, and talk the night away. The casual Japanese pub is led by Chris Wu, along with Tin-Jung Shea and Mitomo Somehara, the dynamic duo known for their successful ventures Yakitori Yurippi and Tahinomi YP.

Open Sunday – Wednesday 5pm – 12am, Thursday – Saturday until 2am.

Kwang Jang Pocha Steam Mill Lane

Kwang Jang Pocha

As you leave Nakano Darling, you need to take a total of 10 steps to reach the next destination on your Steam Mill tour – Kwang Jang Pocha. Here you will be transported to South Korea, with the drinking tavern serving up snack-style food inspired by Seoul’s Gwangjang Markets. This buzzing venue will have you sipping on plum soju whilst exploring some truly unique dishes to anything you will have tasted before sweet cheesy corn, ‘snow cheese’ coated fries, or the delicious kimchi pancakes are the kind of dishes you should expect to introduce to your palette. 

Open Sunday – Thursday 5pm – 12am, Friday and Saturday until 1am.

Match-ya Darling Square


After all the drinking and snacking at Kwang Jang Pocha and Nakano Darling, it is time to satisfy your sweet tooth. Simply stroll another 10 yards to the final stop – Matcha-ya. Matcha-Ya is an authentic Japanese Matcha Cafe & Bar, offering an array of Matcha drinks and desserts such as Latte, Parfait, and Sundae, as well as Japanese Umeshu, Whisky and Cocktails if your party isn’t quite over just yet. The matcha powder, authentic and sourced from Japan, is the star of the show and is used in nearly every dish on the menu. Try one of the trending strawberry matcha lattes, perfectly seasoned matcha fries, or some of the creamiest soft serve you can find. If matcha isn’t your cup of tea, another option is the Houji-cha tea, and the chocolate ‘jiggly cat’ provides ample entertainment as well as tasting delicious. 

Open Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday 12pm – 9pm, Friday & Saturday 12pm – 10pm.