How this Smartphone App is Bringing us Back to Bicycles

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 30 August 2017

Dockless bicycle sharing services are changing the way we get around town.

Have you been strolling through Sydney’s streets only to find a sudden influx of shiny red and yellow bicycles, all seemingly unchained? You’re not going mad, as bike-sharing app Reddy Go arrives to the city and neighbouring suburbs, seriously changing the way we get around town.
Backed by large Chinese app developers, these bikes come with inbuilt GPS tracking systems allowing customers to pick up and drop off bikes where they please. There are no assigned docking stations and for those wondering about helmets, they can be found in your basket.
Simply download the Ready Go app on your smartphone and it will quickly show you where the closest bicycle is located via an embedded Google Maps application. Once you’ve tracked down and reserved the nearest bicycle, you have up to 15 minutes to locate it. Once you’ve found your bike, simply scan the QR code with your smartphone to unlock both the bike and helmet. After that, it’s about conveniently peddling from A to B minus traffic delays and lengthy wait times for public transport.
With convenience one of Reddy Go’s primary competitive advantages, the model is also proving to be a very cost-effective means of getting around town. For $1.99, you can pedal around town for up to 30 minutes. That’s significantly cheaper than any 30 minute bus fare. Payment is made at the end of the journey after the bike is locked via a push lever. It’s similar to an Uber ride in this respect.
With the cycle-sharing service already big in China, Singapore and London, Reddy Go is adamant that it won’t be long before more bikes hit Sydney’s  streets. It feeds into the broader notion of the ever-growing sharing economy, where ownership of items like bicycles and cars is no longer paramount to your day-to-day routine. Need further proof, just look towards successful services such as Couchsurfing, Airbnb and GoGet.
To try Reddy Go for yourself, simply download the Reddy Go app on your smart phone and get ready, to go!
For more information, you can hop on the Reddy Go website here.