Secolo Returns! Beloved Italian Restaurant Finds New Home in Balmain

Eat, Sydney / 27 February 2024

Move over, Fabbrica! Secolo takes over the space with a menu that celebrates the art of Italian cuisine.

For fans of authentic Italian cuisine in Sydney, the news of Secolo’s return is music to their ears. After a temporary closure, the beloved CBD restaurant has found a new home in Balmain, albeit temporarily. Taking over the former Fabbrica space at the historic Exchange Hotel, Secolo Balmain promises to revitalise our taste buds with its signature dishes and warm hospitality, offering a delightful pop-up experience.

Secolo Balmain Bar

This exciting venture marks the return of the Arienzale family – Anthony, Tanja, and Robert – and head chef Mattia Senesi, who are passionate about sharing their love for Italian food. Having garnered success with their original restaurant, they saw an opportunity to bring their culinary expertise to the vibrant Balmain community.

The space retains the charm of the previous restaurant, infused with Secolo’s signature warmth. The menu, however, offers a distinct experience, showcasing a more traditional approach to Italian dining, allowing guests to embark through the diverse flavours of Italy.

Secolo Balmain Carbonara With Parmesan

The true essence of la dolce vita dining lies in the shared experience, and Secolo Balmain encourages this with an enticing antipasti spread. Start your meal by surrendering yourself to the melt-in-your-mouth oven-roasted bone marrow, served on the bone alongside the restaurant’s freshly baked focaccia. Delicate yet flavorful, the Sardinian anchovies offer a delightful contrast, while the richness of nduja with ricotta and beetroot carpaccio provides a savoury option.

Once your taste buds have been enticed, move on to the star of the show – Secolo’s renowned house-made pasta. The restaurant’s signature blue swimmer crab spaghetti with its light tomato, garlic, chilli, and herb sauce is a must-try, offering a perfect balance of flavours. Other tempting options include the classic fettuccine carbonara and the unique zucchini pesto, nduja, and ricotta gnocchi, catering to various palates.

Secolo Balmain Dining Room

Secolo Balmain also introduces Sydneysiders to a new favourite – the Venetian Spritz. This sophisticated cousin of the Aperol Spritz, with its deep red hue and green olive garnish, is the perfect summer refreshment. As the sun sets and the balmy evening air fills the streets, this cocktail provides the ideal way to unwind and experience the Italian tradition of aperitivo.

“We saw how much the local community missed having a quality Italian dining option here,” says Tanja Arienzale. “We’re thrilled to be able to share our passion for authentic Italian food and hospitality with the people of Balmain.”

Secolo Balmain Kingfish Crudo

While the pop-up is only scheduled for a few months, it promises to leave a lasting impression on the Balmain dining scene, leaving patrons yearning for a permanent return to authentic Italian cuisine.

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