Beyond The Hotel Facade, Sydney Common Strikes A Match

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 14 June 2024
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Beyond The Hotel Facade, Sydney Common Strikes A Match

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 14 June 2024

There is no predictability here.

The Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park has unveiled a fresh culinary chapter with the debut of Sydney Common. Stepping beyond the hotel’s iconic facade, this new restaurant and bar invites guests to taste a menu that celebrates both classic comfort and contemporary flair, all anchored by the mesmerising backdrop of Hyde Park

Gone are the days of predictable hotel dining experiences. Sydney Common, helmed by rising star chef Jamie Robertson, reimagines the genre with a focus on ingredient-driven, wood-fired cooking that sings with seasonality and showcases the bounty of Australian producers. With tender chargrilled romano beans dancing with a paprika egg sauce, their smokiness perfectly balanced by the richness of the yolk or juicy Yamba king prawns, their sweetness amplified by the kiss of the flames, the proteins are given centre stage.

Robertson’s culinary journey, honed under the mentorship of the esteemed Martin Benn, shines through in his thoughtful yet unpretentious approach. Dishes like the charred monterosa tomatoes adorned with creamy goat’s curd and a touch of smoky magic, or the whole roasted flounder bathed in a vibrant Pil Pil butter, showcase his talent for coaxing out the essence of each ingredient.

Meat aficionados will find their holy grail in the dry-aged Hereford grass-fed rib eye, its inherent juiciness and depth of flavour masterfully amplified by a smoky veil spun by the smoked fat vinaigrette. And for those yearning for an undeniably luxurious experience, the specially sourced Blackmore wagyu short rib promises a concerto of melt-in-your-mouth succulence, leaving even the most discerning gastronome utterly fulfilled.

No meal is complete without a sweet ending, and Sydney Common’s dessert menu doesn’t disappoint. Your classic lemon tart is reimagined with the delicate touch of coconut chantilly, and roasted nectarines sing with the summery notes of raspberry and smoked maple.

Sydney Common also has a separate bar area that is located within the glass atrium, offering panoramic views of Hyde Park. The bar features a separate menu and an aperitivo hour from Tuesday to Friday, 4.30 pm-6.30 pm, including $8 mini martinis, $6 wines, gin and tonics, and premium snacks. Guests can enjoy a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a pre-dinner stopover or an evening unwind.
Beyond the impressive culinary offerings, Sydney Common boasts an ambience that matches its menu’s sophistication. Mitchell and Eades’ design seamlessly blends classic elegance with modern touches, creating an intimate and inviting space. Expansive windows bathe the restaurant in natural light, transforming the serene beauty of Hyde Park into a captivating backdrop.
Whether you’re seeking a leisurely lunch with breathtaking views, a romantic dinner for two, or a sophisticated gathering with friends, Sydney Common offers an experience that’s anything but common.