SASH Japanese Surry Hills, Review

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 23 April 2019
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SASH Japanese Surry Hills, Review

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 23 April 2019

Melbourne’s new experimental Japanese restaurant opens its doors in Surry Hills.

Sash is the global Japanese fusion bar and restaurant pushing the boundaries with an eclectic mix of old-world Japanese classics like sashimi with American tastes like pizza, tacos and hotdogs. The result? Sashimi pizza and lobster hotdogs!

sash japanese interior

As you walk down Wentworth Avenue Sash is hard to miss with its LA style open plan bar and neon lights drawing you in. There’s some decent hip hop playing on the sound system and the place has an infectious energy about it. Their cocktail list is intriguing, offering up Japanese takes on old classics such as their Lychee Martini ($20), shaken with vodka, Soho lychee, activated charcoal and elderflower plus other concoctions like Plum Wine/Sake Sour ($19).

They also have wide ranging and very reasonably priced wine and sake lists ($50-$60 per bottle), with plenty of beer options to keep everybody’s palates appeased.

You’ll quickly get the impression that Sash caters well for the crowd that want to come to a cool bar with a good atmosphere and have some snacks with their drinks before they head out. Their “Trust Me” Food & Drinks tasting menu ($69) offers a lighter selection of foods that come with a welcome beer or wine and cocktail of the night.

sash japanese

If you’re otherwise opting for the a la carte menu, the hardest thing about coming to Sash is deciding what to order. There is such a wide range of options, many of which you never would have considered before. With so much to choose from, it’s hard not to order a bit of everything, just to see what works. The Raw bar and Sushi selection caters for the more conventional fans of Japanese cuisine while the tacos, sliders and pizza sections are for those willing to travel on an adventurous flavour journey.

All the food looks stunning coming out with an array of artfully decorated colours and textures. The decadent Lobster Mac & Cheese Dog ($18) screams out for attention and you definitely can’t go wrong with the selection of Bao.

sash japanese pizza

Now, the question you’ve all been waiting for, what about the Japanese Pizza?

Pizza toppings include sashimi tuna tataki, pickled ginger, mango and strawberry salsa with wasabi mayo and mozzarella, served on a blackened squid-ink dough. Yes, that was all on one pizza. When you read the menu you wonder how that could possibly work? Of course, you’re really hoping it does, but tradition is there for a reason and put it this way, the Italians don’t have to fear losing their pizza bragging rights to the Japanese anytime soon…

All in all, Sash is certainly an experience. Its central location, hip ambience, interesting drinks list and broad selection of intriguing dishes makes it a great place to catch-up with friends as you get set for a night out. If however you’re after a delicious full dining experience you may want to opt for another of Surry Hills’ great restaurants.