Sailor Jerry Birthday

Bars, Drink, Play, Sydney / 2 June 2011

Free tattoos, rockabilly haircuts, swing dancing, pigs on spits, hot dogs and a whole lotta rum. These are things you don’t expect to experience on your usual Wednesday night. It’s been over a week since the Sailor Jerry 100th birthday bash at Low-Fi and the smell of rum and coke is still lingering in my nose…or is it my jumper? Hang on while I throw this in the wash…

Who the hell is Sailor Jerry? It’s big in the states and whilst we celebrated it’s 100th birthday Sailor Jerry has only just launched down under. Old wives tales will tell you (so will the website) that the rum was named after Normal ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, the father of old-school American tattooing. Collins and Sailor Jerry represent “creative individuals who feel strongly about the nature of their work”. Well folks, my work is eating and drinking and I feel pretty strongly about that.

Words really can’t describe how loose this event was so let the photo’s speak for themselves.

The Snowdroppers