Saddles Mount White: A Revitalised Australian Dining Oasis

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 20 November 2023

Saddles Mount White brings Sydney a refreshed dining oasis, embracing Australian flavours amidst stunning natural scenery.

Nestled on 25 acres of serene landscape, Saddles Mount White stands as a quintessential Australian dining destination, celebrated for its unique charm under the stewardship of John Singleton. Recognized as one of the ‘Most Beautiful Restaurants in the World (Conde Nast, 2023)’, Saddles seamlessly melds its reputation with its breathtaking surroundings.

Recently revitalised, Saddles Mount White unveils this summer’s enhancements, a dedication to preserving its essence while embracing innovation. Led by the esteemed White + Dickson Architects and Interior Designer Michelle Leslie, the venue’s interior has undergone a transformative journey. Michelle, renowned for her architectural finesse, returns after five years, infusing renewed vibrancy into the space. Notable among the changes is the introduction of a hand-tooled steel and brass kitchen gantry, artfully complemented by newly curated gardens showcasing indigenous Australian flora.

At the heart of Saddles lies its menu, curated by Head Chef Kodi Southgate, embracing a ‘paddock to plate’ philosophy. Chef Southgate proudly collaborates with local artisans, presenting an ensemble that embodies the essence of Australian produce.

For breakfast, indulge in the likings of French Toast paired with mascarpone cream and seasonal berries, a comforting Beef Brisket Pie with Saddles’ signature sauce, and Baked Eggs featuring tomato, chilli, chorizo, and sourdough. Not to be missed is the Omelette with WA Blue Swimmer crab, burnt butter, and samphire.

During lunch, try the Kangaroo Skewers accompanied by smoked date and micro herbs, King Prawns with bean sprouts, mint, coriander, chilli, and lime, and Crispy Duck Breast paired with beetroot, goat cheese, and rocket. Ideal for sharing are the Slow-Roasted Whole Lamb Shoulder and the impressive 1kg Riverina Beef Prime Rib, both served in generous portions.

Beyond the restaurant, Saddles extends its allure with ‘The Coffee Caravan’, offering outdoor and takeaway dining. Here, guests can indulge in Saddles’ renowned pies, pastries, and select menu items by the tranquil dam or in the al fresco garden area, enveloped in the serene setting. After your lunch, be sure to visit Saddles Nursery, where you’ll discover a thoughtfully curated array of plants, pots, homeware, and gifts.

Just an hour’s drive from Sydney CBD, Saddles Mount White invites guests for an idyllic weekend escape. With its panoramic vistas, delectable offerings, and an ambience radiating tranquillity, it’s the perfect retreat for those craving an authentic taste of Australian flavours amidst nature’s embrace.

Saddles Mount White is open from 8am – 5pm Monday to Sunday. Find out more here.
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