Review: Sparkling Sea And Succulent Seafood At Rose Bay’s Empire Lounge

Drink, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 14 October 2020

With stunning views and succulent seafood, Rose Bay’s Empire Lounge is where you’ll want to be this summer.

Arriving at the Empire Lounge in Rose Bay’s stunning Lyne Park you are immediately struck by Sydney’s stunning natural beauty. As far as views go, this one is hard to beat. Perched on a wharf over Sydney’s glistening harbour, the Empire Lounge deck is the perfect vantage point to take in the beautiful yet busy bay, you can sit back and relax as a steady stream of seaplanes, kayaks and Sydney ferries zip by. 

Starting with a glass of sparkling on the deck, the natural beauty makes you realise you’re going to want to enjoy this view for as long as you possibly can. We recommend going in strong with a three-course commitment. There’s so much to enjoy on the menu but we selected the tostadas loaded with yellowfin tuna, ponzu, avocado and chipotle ($21), crudo-style kingfish with roasted sesame dressing and enoki mushrooms ($26) and couldn’t miss the opportunity to try the famous Appellation oysters (6 for $30). The Appellation oysters are truly game-changing, flown into the venue by seaplane each morning with only the freshest and finest of the South Coast’s oysters making the cut, the oysters are served with delicate finger lime and a yuzu honey mignonette.

While you wait for your main you might want to knock back a cocktail (or two). The Empire Lounge has a great list of signature cocktails (all $18). We were lucky enough to try the light and traditional Pisco Delight, the cool and refreshing East Side, a stellar gin, cucumber, citrus and peppermint number, and the incredibly Instagrammable Skyline Swizzle, a bright pink drink with rum, acai and raspberry flavours. 

The mains at Empire Lounge also live up to the hype. They’ve got a couple of great vegetarian and red meat options but, as you’d expect from the waterfront view, it’s their seafood that really shines. Their egg tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes, spanner crab, prawns, chilli, garlic and capers ($34) is rich, succulent, and delicately balanced. The sole meuniere ($34) is seafood perfected. The filleted sole is lightly fried and seductively saturated in a brown butter sauce served with capers and creamy Paris mash. This dish will speak to your soul (pun intended!). It’s an absolute must-try.

If you’ve got room for dessert then their homemade burnt cheesecake ($12) won’t disappoint. Decadent, sweet, dense and served with whipped cream, this dessert provides the perfect conclusion to a truly luxurious lunch. 

You can find Empire Lounge at Lyne Park, Rose Bay. They are open on Thursday – Saturday from 12pm-10pm and on Sundays between 10am – 5pm. Check them out here