Cheese Dreams Do Come True! Immerse Yourself In The Raclette Igloo Experience

Eat, Sydney / 11 June 2024
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Cheese Dreams Do Come True! Immerse Yourself In The Raclette Igloo Experience

Eat, Sydney / 11 June 2024

Forget the ski trip! The Raclette Igloo Experience brings the cheesy goodness of the Alps to Sydney.

As the crisp Sydney mornings and the promise of shorter days settle in, you might find yourself yearning for a touch of winter indulgence. Look no further than the Raclette Igloo Experience, a unique pop-up event that brings the charm of the French Alps straight to the heart of the city, all centred around the gooey goodness of melted Raclette cheese.

Raclette Igloo bonfire

Stepping into your own private igloo, nestled on the rooftop of Broadway Shopping Centre, is like entering a miniature winter wonderland. Twinkling fairy lights cast a warm glow, cozy seating invites you to sink in, and a personal fire pit crackles away. But the real star of the show, undoubtedly, is the cheese.

Raclette, a creamy French cheese, takes centre stage here, inviting you to create a shared tradition around the table. Gather your loved ones and experience the joy of melting Raclette to your own liking. Generous portions are provided, along with mini pans for you to get creative with the grill in the centre of the table. Watch the rich, gooey cheese melt deliciously over fluffy boiled potatoes, tangy pickled onions, and a selection of cured meats. It’s a classic winter dish, perfect for a cool Sydney evening.

Raclette Igloo cheese pull

A steaming glass of mulled wine by your side is the perfect complement to the melted cheese and comes included. For those who prefer something non-alcoholic, a selection of soft drinks ensures everyone can enjoy the delicious pairing. And if you’re looking to elevate your cheeseboard further, you can choose from a carefully curated selection of French wines from a mini-bar stocked within your igloo.

But the magic of the Raclette Igloo Experience lies not just in the food and drink. It captures the essence of what Raclette is truly about – shared enjoyment and creating lasting memories with loved ones. As Vincent Hernandez, the event director, says: “Raclette isn’t just a meal – it’s a French tradition of sharing, laughter, and indulgence.” Gathering around a table laden with cheese, laughter echoing within the cozy confines of your igloo. With two tons of cheese being specially imported from France, authenticity is guaranteed.

Raclette Igloo drinking mulled wine

With tickets selling out fast in other Australian cities, pre-booking is highly recommended. Just be prepared to leave with a full and cheesy stomach.

What You Get: Private igloo for 1.5 hours with a glass of mulled wine, plus 1.8kg of Raclette Cheese, 1kg of Charcuterie, potatoes, pickles and jumbo marshmallows
When: 29th June to 28th July 2024
Cost: $99pp
Book: Here

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