Move Over, Mint Chip! Yo-Chi Crowns Pistachio Papi King Of The Toppings

Eat, Sydney / 9 April 2024
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Move Over, Mint Chip! Yo-Chi Crowns Pistachio Papi King Of The Toppings

Eat, Sydney / 9 April 2024

Yo-Chi gets a nutty makeover! 

Forget the limited-edition donut flavours – there’s a new contender in town, and it’s a match made in frozen yogurt heaven. Yo-Chi, the undisputed ruler of the self-serve frozen yogurt scene, is joining forces with Pistachio Papi, the green kingpin taking the food world by storm with its insanely delicious pistachio spread.

Pistachio Papi x Yo-Chi Product

Mark your calendars, dessert devotees, because this limited-time collaboration kicks off on April 14th and promises to be legendary (or at least sell out lightning fast). Imagine the creamy, tart goodness of your favourite Yo-Chi flavour – think tangy strawberry or classic tart – swirled with Pistachio Papi’s smooth, nutty spread. It’s a symphony of textures and flavours that’ll have your taste buds singing (and maybe begging for more).

But this partnership goes beyond just a delicious frozen yogurt creation. It’s a celebration of family, tradition, and, of course, a playful jab at the ever-present Nutella. On April 21st, Yo-Chi is throwing a special “Free Yo-Chi for Your Nonna” event. It’s a delightful nod to the importance of Nonnas in Italian culture, a chance to share the “Chi” with the golden oldies in your life and ensure they get a taste of this epic (okay, maybe just tasty) collaboration.

Pistachio Papi x Yo-Chi Lifestyle

“This is bigger than just frozen yogurt,” says Ollie Allis, Yo-Chi Brand Partnerships Leader. “This is about creating a memorable experience, a taste sensation that’ll have the whole country asking, ‘who’s Yo-Papi?'”
Mark Abdelmalik, the mastermind behind Pistachio Papi, agrees. “We’re always looking to shake things up,” he says. “Yo-Chi, like Papi, is all about pushing boundaries and creating something special for their customers. This is a perfect match, a meeting of the minds, or should I say, a meeting of the taste buds.”

However, remember, with limited supplies and a cult following for both brands, getting in early to grab your spoonful is key. Find the full list of Yo-Chi locations here.