Forget The Fad, Embrace The Craft As Freo Elevates Frozen Yogurt

Eat, Travel / 7 March 2024

Froyo just got a major upgrade.

Remember the frozen yoghurt craze of a few years back? Sydney’s CBD is witnessing its delicious return, but this time with a decidedly grown-up twist. Freo, a brand new “Frozen Atelier,” has opened its doors, offering a world of flavours and textures that go far beyond the average froyo experience.

What sets Freo apart? It all starts with the mastermind behind the flavours: Federico Zanellato, the acclaimed chef who helms Lumi Dining and Lode Pies & Pastries. Surprised? Zanellato himself admits initial scepticism. “It wasn’t something that initially appealed to me,” he says, referring to the sometimes artificial world of frozen yoghurt. But after delving deeper, he saw the potential to create something truly special. The result is a commitment to quality that’s evident in every detail.

Freo’s frozen yoghurt and gelato are made fresh daily using premium ingredients. The base for the yoghurt starts with Australian natural pot set yoghurt, ensuring a rich and creamy texture. Flavours like Japanese strawberry, hojicha (roasted green tea), and mango showcase a focus on fresh, natural notes. The gelato selection boasts equally enticing options, with black sesame, matcha, and vegan choices like dark chocolate offering something for every palate.

But Freo isn’t just about the base. Here, the toppings take centre stage too. Fresh, seasonal fruits nestle beside house-baked crumbles and decadent treats from Zanellato’s own Lode bakery. Premium sauces like Callebaut chocolate and Italian nut creams elevate your creation further. The topping bar allows for endless customization, letting you create a dessert masterpiece that reflects your individual taste.

The interior design reflects the same commitment to quality. Sleek marble surfaces and floor-to-ceiling windows create a contemporary yet inviting atmosphere. It’s a space that feels perfect for catching up with friends or indulging in a solo sweet treat.

Freo isn’t just another froyo store. It’s a testament to what happens when culinary expertise meets a beloved frozen treat.

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