Patrón Are Shouting Free Margs To Cheer On The Matildas

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 18 July 2023

Name a more delicious combo than Margs and The Matildas…we’ll wait.

Get ready to kick off the most thrilling soccer tournament on the planet! In collaboration with Caitlin Foord, Steph Catley, and Mackenzie Arnold from The Matildas, Patrón are going all out to honour the start of the Women’s World Cup, cheering on the fans with complimentary Patrón Perfect Margaritas. Yep, you heard that right — every time the Matildas score their first goal in any match, fans will be rewarded with mouthwatering Margaritas at The Clock Hotel in Surry Hills!

The Clock are turning up the excitement, broadcasting every single Matilda’s game live, starting from their first game against Ireland on July 20. Tune in to see when the Matildas score their first goal and watch the team serve up Patrón Perfect Margs in abundance. This will be across every match they play, and the celebrations continue if they make it to the grand final on August 20.

To be rewarded as a Marg loving Matildas supporter, all you need to do is simply head over to The Clock’s website and register your details before the kick-off of each game. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive a confirmation email (your golden ticket to free drinks). Show that email to The Clock’s fantastic bar staff, and they’ll hook you up with a wristband. Now, all you have to do is hold your breath and wait for the Matildas to score their first goal, then you can redeem your well-deserved Patrón Perfect Margarita! It’s an opportunity to join in on the celebration and prepare to toast the team in style.

You’ll be guaranteed a free marg until the last drinks at the bar (11:30pm) or until the first 200 free Patrón Perfect Margaritas have been redeemed per game. For more information, visit their website here and register to get your confirmation email.