Don't Chuck It, Donate It with OzHarvest!

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 3 May 2017
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Don't Chuck It, Donate It with OzHarvest!

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 3 May 2017

OzHarvest has a heartfelt solution to help thousands in need.

On average Australian households waste over $1,000 worth of groceries each year, but for many Australian’s having enough food is the problem. Now OzHarvest is here to help those in need.
Adopting a ‘take what you need, give if you can’ approach the OzHarvest Market in Kensington, Sydney, is rescuing our food waste before it becomes landfill.
If the use-by date on that can of beans is creeping closer, then grab your reusable bag and head to the bottom floor of The Addison Project on Anzac Parade.
ozharvest beans
Offering everything for free for those who can’t afford it, the Market aims to combat the expanding food insecurity epidemic in Australia.
Swelling to 644,000 Australians per month, OzHarvest is determined to lessen the number people who receive food relief each month. Building on the success of The Addison Project, a shelter for vulnerable youth between 16 and 24 years-old, the partnership between the TOGA Retail Group and OzHarvest is focused on getting young people off the streets.
“If times are tough and you’re in need of food or other goods, you can take what you need, if you can give something, then please do, it could even be your time or skills,” urged OzHarvest CEO and Founder Ronni Kahn.
“There are lots of opportunities for people to get involved and give back to the local community, from volunteer hours in the market, stacking shelves and cleaning. We would love to see more OzHarvest Markets pop up as those in the industry are inspired by TOGA’s initiative” continued Kahn.
To be successful, OzHarvest is calling on locals to forego the big supermarkets and take a punt on the underdog. While you’re at it you can even volunteer at the Market.

What: The OzHarvest Market
When: Weekdays 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m
Where: 147 Anzac Parade, Kensington, NSW, 2033
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