Sundown at Perons – Café Perons, Double Bay

Cafes, Drink, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 3 May 2017
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Sundown at Perons – Café Perons, Double Bay

Cafes, Drink, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 3 May 2017

Sundown at Perons is Café Perons newest evening dining experience in the heart of Double Bay.

Double Bay institution Café Perons has just launched ‘Sundown at Perons’, a new night time menu for the first time in 35 years. Offering affordable plates and delectable cocktails every Friday and Saturday night it’s a great way to jump start your weekend in Double Bay’s spirited streets.
Café Perons - Interior
The casual yet elegantly decorated cafe is located right in the thick of Double Bay on the corner of Short and Bay Street. Enjoy a mezze plate and bottle of rosé while you decide where to kick on later. Mrs Sippy or The Oak? Both are within eye distance.

Perons is a family business that’s been passed down through the generations. It has traditionally been a health food focused cafe, specialising in nutritious breakfast and lunches. Charlie Kelly has now taken over the reigns of the business bringing new twists to the menu.

After choosing a table outside on the footpath we are immediately welcomed by Charlie. Energetic and passionate about the food, the cafe and the area his enthusiasm is contagious. We go a little nuts amongst the excitement and order a large number of plates to share.
Café Perons - Pavlova Cocktail
You’re not dining in Double Bay without an extensive list of cocktails and Café Perons is no expectation. We couldn’t look past a cocktail with ‘Pavlova’ in the name so a Pavlova Martini ($17) to start the night it was. A vodka based drink, the cocktail boasted a semi sweet aftertaste from the passionfruit and the Licor 43. However we are distracted by the almost overpowering citrus notes from the apple and lemon juice. A delicious drink but the ‘Pavlova’ flavours could be stronger.
Café Perons - Pear and Prosciutto Salad
Browsing the eclectic menu may be a little puzzling. Do you stick to one cuisine or embark on a worldwide foodie adventure? We opt for the latter and start with a light Pear and Prosciutto Salad ($28). It’s a healthy jumble of pear, prosciutto, cos lettuce, avocado, walnuts and asparagus with an added indulgence of creamy feta.
We’re a little thrown off by the price. Despite the ample size of the serving, it doesn’t feel like a main for one person – rather a side dish or a starter. But you know what they say, “Double Bay, double pay”.
Café Perons - South Oz. Calamari
We move on to something a little more hearty. The South Oz. Calamari ($25) comes out next and is testament to how well Café Perons does seafood. Served on a bed of rocket with chilli, and fried shallots the calamari makes for an excellent starter. Each bite sized piece is perfectly cooked and the batter is thin and crispy. We expected aioli dipping sauce (as the menu described) but instead we’re served a sticky honey based sauce. The sweetness rattles our teeth but it’s followed with a delicious spicy hit that’s quite addictive.
Heading out into the depths of Double Bay’s nightlife can require sustenance. So we wrap up our dinner with a couple larger dishes including Café Perons celebrated tacos (just take a look at their Instagram). Getting wrapped up in the Mexican vibe we also order the La Mexicana ($17) cocktail. It’s a classic blend of Tequila, Cointreau, agave, mint, lime with a refreshing addition of fresh watermelon – what better drink to enjoy over a couple of tacos?
Café Perons - Barramundi Tacos
You have options when it comes to the tacos. Choose your protein – baby octopus, pulled pork, pumpkin or spicy chicken. We decided on the Barramundi Tacos ($25). The fish is cooked and seasoned to perfection. Served atop a bed of crunchy coleslaw and corn salsa makes for a zesty contrast between flavours. Each serving comes with a side of guacamole and chips.
Café Perons - Seafood Linguine
Leaving the boarders of Mexico and flying straight into the rich tapestries of Italy, we sampl the special of the evening – Seafood linguine in pink sauce ($30). Our host noted that this dish was inspired by classic favourites served at the established Café Nino in Woollahra. Having grown up savouring the local Italian cuisine, Charlie fancied having an item on his own menu reminiscent to his childhood favourites and thus, this standout spaghetti was born. Laden with perfectly cooked prawns and mussels, the pasta is the winning dish of the evening.
While we clearly took the seafood route on our evening at Café Perons, there are heaps of dishes to choose from that are little bit more protein packed.
Sundown at Perons is currently available on Friday and Saturday nights. Though if you’d like to experience some chilled vibes in a usually hectic suburb, the cafe is open Monday to Sundays for breakfast and lunch.
Café Perons
Corner of Short and Bay Streets, Double Bay NSW 2028
02 9328-6004
Open Sun – Thurs 7am-4.30pm, Fri & Sat 7am-4.30pm, 6pm-12am