Make Olio's Signature Cannoli Recipe at Home

Eat, Food Recipes, Sydney / 24 January 2018

Impress your friends with¬†Olio’s prickly pear pearl and pistachio ice cream cannoli recipe.

Chippendale’s Kensington Street is bursting with incredible food spots, ranging from the more relaxed Spice Alley to several fine dining restaurants. A favourite amongst lovers of Sicilian cuisine is Olio Kensington Street. Here, you’ll find fresh seafood, handmade pasta and a sumptuous wine list. The dessert menu honours the Italian classic, cannoli. Not only does a freshly made cannolo and ice cream make for the perfect end to any meal, now you can make Olio’s signature recipe yourself. Buon Appetito!
Cannolo Siciliano
350 grams of flour
85 grams of butter
50 grams of granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 egg white
a pinch of salt
15 grams of cocoa powder
60 grams of dry Marsala (Port Wine)
60 grams of white vinegar
Combine all ingredients in a dough and rest in the fridge wrapped in plastic film.
Next, make round shapes (15cm) mould very thin.
Fold it in the cone shape or tube shape and deep fry the cannoli.
0.8kg pistachio ice cream
1kg ricotta cheese
0.3 kg icing sugar
Candied orange/lemon
Prickly Pear Pearls:
1L prickly juice (can use orange juice instead)
0.35 litres Chardonnay vinegar
800ml Grapeseed oil
-20 gelatin sheet, titanium, ice water soak
To make the ricotta filling cream, combine the ricotta cheese, icing sugar, cinnamon and candied orange in a large bowl. Mix until well combined.
In a tall narrow cylinder container put 800ml grapeseed oil in freezer for 4 -5 hours.
Heat chardonnay vinegar to just short of a boil. Add softened and well strained gelatin, then juice.
Cool in an iced bowl immediately.
Eye drop pearl mix into cold oil.
Strain and serve
Stuff the cannoli with ricotta cream using a piping bag and place them on the ice cream and pearls before serving.
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