Level-Up Your Garden: The NSW Government Is Giving Away Tonnes Of Trees For Free This Autumn

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 22 March 2021

Get your hands on free greenery from the NSW government this autumn.

Does your pad need a bit of TLC? Whether you’re balcony is feeling a tad empty or your courtyard feels neglected, we’ve found the ultimate greenery giveaway to add to your radar this autumn.

That’s right, the NSW government is giving away thousands of trees for FREE this autumn. You hear that right: zero dosh required.

It’s all part of the NSW government’s plan to inject more living colour into our harbourside city. To do just that, each month they’ll be giving away thousands of free trees to local residents. In total, their hoping to plant one million new trees by 2022 across Sydney.

While their allocation of free trees for March is already exhausted, the government is set to release another batch of free trees from April 1st. But here’s the catch: you need to live in one of Greater Sydney’s 33 local government areas to be eligible.

From March to May 2021, the NSW government has teamed up with IndigiGrow, a local First Nations-run not-for-profit from La Perouse to make this campaign come to life. The team from IndigiGrow will be curating and giving out the free trees to Sydneysiders this autumn, with the trees available for collection from the La Perouse Public School.

And later this year, the NSW Government is expected to announce its partnership with other tree planting partners.

So, how do you score your free trees? Head to the NSW Government’s website to apply and be notified when the next round of trees are able to be collected. Find out more and sign up for your free trees here.¬†